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Taser use in Dangerous Situations

Tasers have proven to be a useful tool in dangerous or violent situations, allowing Police to take control of the situation and prevent injury to either officers or the public.

Here are some examples of how tasers have been used in Queensland:

Armed robbery:

The offender was still in the store upon arrival of the Police. There were four staff members detained on the floor of the shop by the offender.

The officer drew a firearm and gave numerous commands to drop the knife, which were ignored. The offender, still armed, then began to back towards staff members on the floor.

The taser was deployed and the offender dropped to the floor. Police directions to drop the knife were ignored, and the taser was used again.

The offender was brought under control and successfully handcuffed.

Siege situation:

Police were called to a disturbance at a house. On arrival officers found a man was agitated, intoxicated and had set a small fire in front of the house on the footpath.

The man’s mother had left the residence and sought shelter with neighbours. The man retreated into the house with threats of self harm and suicide.

Attending Police observed the man come to a window in the front of the house with a knife in his hand. They also saw four more knives on the front porch and kicked them into the garden out of reach of the offender.

They realised the man had set another fire in a room at the rear of the house and attempts to get him to leave the house failed.

While talking to the officers, he lit paper in the lounge area and flames quickly engulfed the dwelling. Police kicked down the front door, entered the house, which was well alight, worked their way through the thick smoke and located the man in the lounge area.

An officer deployed the taser to bring the man, who was agitated, and thought to be still armed, under control. The man was dragged out of the house and restrained.

Kidnap and threaten:

Police received information that a man had rammed his fiancée’s vehicle, dragged her into his car and driven off, stating he intended to run into a power pole and kill them both.

Upon arrival of Police, the fiancée escaped the car, and the man produced a large knife, placed it against his chest and threatened suicide.

The man further threatened to kill Police before driving off in his vehicle. A short time later he returned in an attempt to abduct his fiancée who was parked nearby.

The offender then rammed his vehicle into a Police car several times, got out of his car, and ran at officers while holding a large knife. The offender attempted to stab two Police Officers and was struck with a Police vehicle to prevent him stabbing one of the Police Officers who had fallen to the ground.

Police told him to drop the knife, to no avail. The taser was deployed and he fell to the ground still clutching the knife.

The defendant was successfully restrained without further incident.

Self harm and demanding Police shoot:

Police were called by a man who said he wanted Police to come and get him. Police arrived at that address to find a man standing outside the front door brandishing a knife.

The man’s partner was at the address with her 12-month-old child. They were quickly removed from the house.

The man openly asked Police to shoot him. He kept brandishing the knife and began cutting himself. He was asked to drop the knife on several occasions which he refused to do.

The Police Officer drew the taser and asked the man to drop the knife or he would be tasered. The man once again refused. Police then deployed the taser.

The man was then brought under control. He was taken to hospital and admitted. The man was affected by liquor or drugs at the time of the incident.

Man armed with large combat knife:

Police were called to a domestic violence incident. The man answered the door abusing officers while restraining a large bull terrier dog and threatening to release the dog on officers.

Police withdrew and started negotiations with the man. A short time later the man allowed his partner and child to leave the residence unharmed.

The man continued to behave in an extremely erratic manner, coming out of the residence on a number of occasions while armed with a large combat knife and threatening officers.

A taser was successfully deployed after considering other use of force options and the man was taken into custody without injury.

Man armed with large kitchen knife:

Police were called to a unit. On arrival, they were told that a man was inside the unit armed with a knife.

Police entered the unit and they saw a man sitting on a chair holding a large kitchen knife in his right hand. One officer has drawn their firearm, the second officer has turned the Taser on and aimed it at the man.

Police warned the man to drop the knife or the taser would be deployed. The man put the knife down and lay on the floor as directed by Police.

Threats to self harm and harm mother:

Police received information that a man was creating a disturbance at his mother’s residence over money.

When refused money he became irrational and went into a bedroom armed with a large knife, threatening to self harm. Upon arrival, Police found the man in the bedroom sitting on a chair threatening to stab himself and his mother. Police talked to the man, who refused to surrender the knife.

He continued to threaten to injure himself. The man stood up and pointed the knife at Police. He then started to walk towards Police with the knife out.

One officer has drawn a firearm, the second has activated and aimed the Taser at the man and told him to drop the knife. This direction was repeated twice, advising him of the taser.

The man dropped the knife on the bed and walked towards Police. The man was then restrained and searched without injury to himself or Police.

Drug affected man:

Police responded to a call in relation to a naked male waving a piece of timber in the street. On arrival, Police observed a man waving a piece of wood and behaving irrationally and aggressively on the footpath.

Police called for assistance as they knew from previous situations that the man was violent. The man was challenging Police to shoot him. The man has then walked towards a house. Police called on him to stay where he was.

The man moved away from Police and entered the house where Police observed the man’s wife in the living room area.

Police could hear her screaming. Police entered the house and directed the wife and children to get out of the house.

When additional crews arrived, the first response officers were struggling with the man in the backyard.

Due to the man’s highly agitated state, the officers were unable to subdue him.

After warning the man that a taser would be used, Police deployed the taser as the man posed an immediate threat to Police and was attempting to kick and elbow Police. The man was also in danger of injuring himself by hitting his head onto the ground.

The man was taken to hospital. Investigations revealed the man had used cocaine over the previous three days. A search of the house uncovered cannabis, cocaine, ecstacy as well as several swords and martial arts weapons.

Youth armed with knife and screwdriver:

A man contacted Police after he had locked himself in the house to escape his teenage son, who was in the back yard in possession of a large knife and screwdriver threatening to kill him, his neighbours, and Police.

Officers attended the address and the father advised them that he had already disarmed his son of a large knife and screwdriver prior to their arrival.

The officers heard the boy shouting death threats towards them and neighbours from a darkened rear patio of the residence. Police announced their presence and they used the taser torch and laser sight to illuminate the area to locate the youth.

Police observed that he was in possession of another large screwdriver. Upon seeing the taser the youth immediately placed the screwdriver on the ground and he complied with Police directions prior to any warning being necessary on the use of the taser.
The youth was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, delusional, and also suffers from a mental health condition. He was conveyed to a hospital for examination.

Self harm and threats to harm others:

A 31-year-old man was cutting himself with a large kitchen knife and threatening to stab other occupants of the unit. The man refused to comply with directions given by Police.

The man had mental health issues, is an intravenous drug user, he had been drinking and taking mental health medication. He was also thought to have an infectious blood borne disease.

The man continued to cut into his wrists. He was in a bath and he had lost a lot of blood.

A taser was deployed, causing the man to drop the knife but continued to be argumentative and would not comply with directions to get out of the bath.

The taser activated a second time and the knife was recovered and the man handcuffed. The man was taken to hospital.


Last updated 29/06/2012