​Before you can make a complaint you first need to determine what State or Country the offender lives in.

How Do I Work Out Where This Is?

  1. If you have reported your dispute to the relevant online auction website, you should have been provided with the offender’s contact details, including their name, telephone number and city.

  2. Where did you send your money or product?  If you were a buyer, did you send the money via direct deposit into a bank account?  If so, what was the branch number (BSB) of the account you deposited to (your bank may be able to assist with this inquiry)?  If you were the seller, what postal address did you send your product to?

If the answers to the above enquiries consistently put the offender in the same state/country, you can proceed to Step Three.

If the answers to the above enquiries result in different states/countries, then please contact your local police to assist you in determining where the offender lives.