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Whether you are staying in hotels, motelsm hostels, caravan parks or camping it's important to stay safe.  Below is a basic list of tips and guidelines that will help ensure your stauy is a happy and safe one.

Hotels, motels and backpacker hostels

  • Be aware of your new surrounds, and take note of emergency exits.
  • Locate safety fixtures - fire safety equipment and smoke alarms.
  • Observe the non-smoking rules in your accommodation to help prevent fires. 
  • It is an offence to tamper with any fire safety equipment in Queensland. This includes exit signs and removing batteries from smoke alarms.
  • All power outlets are 240 volts in Australia - unless you have the proper adaptor, never plug-in or adapt appliances that are of different voltages or plug fittings.
  • Electricity switches in Australia are 'ON' when the switch is in the downward position.

For more information:

Building Fire Safety: Queensland Fire and Rescue


  • You need to obtain a permit and pay fees before camping at any national parks, state forests or reservoirs.  Camping in Queensland is restricted to designated areas.
  • Campfires are banned in some places, and open fires are not allowed in state forests and national parks.  Use constructed fireplaces and brought or supplied wood only.
  • Always extinguish a campfire thoroughly with water before leaving – never cover with sand to extinguish.  Take care to prevent bush fires.
  • For your safety, never feed any native animals. You could also be fined for doing so.

For more information:
Queensland National Parks
Camping Tips: Caravanning Queensland
Bushfire Safety: Queensland Fire and Rescue Service
Campfire Safety: Queensland Fire and Rescue Service

Caravan parks and roadside rest area

  • Councils may allow vehicle parking at roadside rest areas for up to a maximum of 48 hours. Most do not allow tent-style camping, so check with the council in the local area.  We recommend you stay at caravan parks overnight as opposed to roadside rest areas.
  • Caravan parks are public places - if anyone causes a nuisance, police can ban the person from the park for a period of up to 24 hours.
  • Occupying deserted buildings during your travels is very unsafe and also illegal in Queensland.

For more information: 

Tips for a Safe Journey: Caravanning Queensland


Last updated 05/08/2011