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Emergency Phone Numbers

Crime Stoppers:

1800 333 000


131 444

Property Notices

Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000, Section 718 PPRA

Take notice that the Commissioner possesses the following property.  Within 30 days after this notice is given, you may give the Commissioner a written notice proving ownership of this item.

If you do not give the Commissioner written notice within 30 days, the Commissioner may destroy or dispose of the item. All enquiries quoting the revelant Property Disposal Notice number are to be forwarded to the nominated Police Station.

Information that appears on this page is made available because the person's name and location are not known, or the person cannot be located.

Notification Date Disposal Notice Property
30/07/2014 QP1400995207 SEIKO Ladies Watch
30/07/2014 QP1400631714 Dick Smith 60cm TV/DVD and remote
30/07/2014 QP1400003330 Golf bag and clubs; bag of tools
30/07/2014 QP1400974398 Repco Mosaic Mountain Bike
30/07/2014 QP1200860851 Shakespeare Fishing Rod and reel
30/07/2014 QP1400366262 Black iPhone 5
31/07/2014 QP1000138793 Black Javis and Ugly Stick rod and reel
31/07/2014 QP1200678004 Letherman, keys, and personal effects
01/08/2014 QP1300980904 Android tablet
06/08/2014 QP1301402781 Orange Dual LCD Digital Camera 2.7"
06/08/2014 QP0900586023 LG Computer
06/08/2014 QP1201114826 Jewellry box containing assorted Jewelry
07/08/2014 QP1400487382 Black and Blue Crusader Fishing Rod
08/08/2014 QP1400199819 Mongoose mountain bike
08/08/2014 QP1400935731 Repco mountain bike
08/08/2014 QP1401010762 Huffy mountain bike
11/08/2014 QP1301612895 Dora the Explorer and other backpacks
11/08/2014 QP1400872624 Razor Scooter—Grom
11/08/2014 QP1400723742 Backpack & 6 x Playstation DVD games
12/08/2014 QP1400220780 Wood, chainsaw, clothing, paintings
12/08/2014 QP1400924739 Samsung Galaxy digital camera
12/08/2014 QP1401031166 Mustang Moutain Bike
12/08/2014 QP1400448861 Kalin electric bike and Karcher washer
12/08/2014 QP1200586028 Various electronic, jewelry and goods
14/08/2014 QP1400802666 Purse with ID
19/08/2014 QP1300949503 Various hardwares
19/08/2014 QP1400481803 Silver Necklace
19/08/2014 QP1400955114 Rollei Camera
21/08/2014 QP1400649277 Black Apollo Evolution power assist
22/08/2014 QP1401057387 11 x Jewlery and tools/personal effects
Last updated 26/08/2014