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Emergency Phone Numbers

Crime Stoppers:

1800 333 000


131 444

Property Notices

Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000, Section 718 PPRA

Take notice that the Commissioner possesses the following property.  Within 30 days after this notice is given, you may give the Commissioner a written notice proving ownership of this item.

If you do not give the Commissioner written notice within 30 days, the Commissioner may destroy or dispose of the item. All enquiries quoting the revelant Property Disposal Notice number are to be forwarded to the nominated Police Station.

Information that appears on this page is made available because the person's name and location are not known, or the person cannot be located.

Notification Date Disposal Notice Property
19/03/2014 QP1400335290 Assorted items
19/03/2014 QP0800353446 Black Computer Tower
24/03/2014 QP1200213985 Martin Compound Archery Bow and Arrows
26/03/2014 QP0900437730 Yamaha 8CM outboard motor
26/03/2014 QP1200754194 Gold Necklace, Cargo shorts, Nike cap, Black TShirt
27/03/2014 QP1400397259 BMX Bike
27/03/2014 QP1301586501 Large quantity of gemstones
27/03/2014 QP1200714909 Jewellery
27/03/2014 QP1100644828 Black Samsung Galaxy
28/03/2014 QP1400212476 Assorted items
02/04/2014 QP1301465989 1 pair of Tiffany and Co earrings
02/04/2014 QP1301435295 Blue BMX Colony bike
02/04/2014 QP1101176291 30000 Japanese Yen
03/04/2014 QP1200768462 Assorted items
04/04/2014 QP1301503309 2 x  Gold Rings
08/04/2014 QP1301302552 Sony VAIO Laptop computer
08/04/2014 QP1400203227 Airwalk black and blue scooter
08/04/2014 QP1400361786 Spear and Jackson garden spade and Saxo hoe
15/04/2014 QP1301185729 Large quantity of jewellery
16/04/2014 QP1101166875 1 x Lumix digital camera and
16/04/2014 QP1301570534 1 x White Iphone 5 in black case
16/04/2014 QP1301144341 Huffy Mountain Bike
16/04/2014 QP1400014311 Gold Ring with Large Blue Solitaire Stone
16/04/2014 QP1400060769 LG Mobile Phone
16/04/2014 QP1400098594 LG Mobile Phone
16/04/2014 QP1400479038 Quantity of prescription drugs and a tote bag containing personal items
17/04/2014 QP1300115291 Home Hero Vacuum cleaner and set of keys
Last updated 17/04/2014