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Financial statements 2009-10

Statement of comprehensive income Statement of assets and liabilities by major departmental services
Statement of financial position Notes to and forming part of the financial statements
Statement of changes in equity Certificate of the Department of Police
Statement of cash flows Independent auditor’s report
Statement of comprehensive income by major departmental services  

Notes to the financial statements:

  Objectives and principal activities of the Department Note 18: Non-current assets classified as held for sale
Note 1: Summary of significant accounting policies Note 19: Intangible assets
Note 2: Reconciliation of payments from consolidated fund to departmental services revenue recognised in statement of comprehensive income

Reconciliation of payments from consolidated fund to equity adjustment recognised in contributed equity
Note 20: Property, plant and equipment
Note 3: User charges Note 21: Payables
Note 4: Grants and other contributions Note 22: Accrued employee benefits
Note 5: Other revenue Note 23: Other current liabilities
Note 6: Gain on sale of property, plant and equipment Note 24: Reconciliation of operating surplus to net cash provided by (used in) operating activities
Note 7: Gain on revaluation of property, plant and equipment Note 25: Non-cash financing and investing activities
Note 8: Employee expenses Note 26: Asset revaluation surplus by class
Note 9: Supplies and services Note 27: Commitments for expenditure
Note 10: Grants and subsidies Note 28: Contingencies
Note 11: Depreciation and amortisation Note 29: Controlled entities
Note 12: Impairment losses Note 30: Financial instruments
Note 13: Other expenses Note 31: Schedule of administered items
Note 14: Cash and cash equivalents Note 32: Reconciliation of payments from consolidated fund to administered item revenue
Note 15: Receivables Note 33: Trust transactions and balances
Note 16: Inventories Note 34: Events occurring after balance date
Note 17: Other current assets Note 35: Change in prior period comparatives

General Information

These financial statements cover the Department of Police.

The Department of Police is a Queensland Government Department established under the Public Service Act 2008.

A description of the nature of the department’s operations and its principal activities is included in the notes to the financial statements.

For information in relation to the department’s financial statements please call (07) 3364 6527 or visit the departmental Internet site

Amounts shown in this financial report may not add to the correct sub-totals or totals due to rounding.

Last updated 12/11/2010