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Issue No. 184 - January 2002

Forensic Science

Police Bulletin
Download the full Police Bulletin Issue No. 184 Download the full Police Bulletin Issue No. 314 |4962904|application/pdf 4847 KB

Table of Contents
Page 01 - Front Page Front Page|324970|application/pdf 162 KB
Page 03 - Commissioner's Forward Message from Commissioner Atkinson|62772|application/pdf 14 KB
Page 04 - Contents Page Contents |346420|application/pdf 106 KB
Page 06 - Forensic science from Crime Scene to the Courtroom Message from Deputy Commissioner Conder  |86375|application/pdf 30 KB
Page 08 - Building the Jigsaw Puzzle QPrime - A vital weapon in the fight against crime |75721|application/pdf 19 KB
Page 09 - Convicted in fashion Police Beats – Putting a face to the QPS in urban communities|516428|application/pdf 35 KB
Page 10 - New resources available for ballistic analysis Cyclone Larry - gone but not forgetten|1070660|application/pdf 27 KB
Page 12 - Physical trace evidence Dawn of the digital age for forensics|925727|application/pdf 21 KB
Page 13 - Experts in determining writing authorship SMIRV - a scientific success story|196049|application/pdf 29 KB
Page 14 - Fingerprints solving the unsolvable First at the scene - SOCO|188519|application/pdf 46 KB
Page 16 - Impact of technology on fingerprint searches Road carnage is no accident|476136|application/pdf 20 KB
Page 18 - From 1892 to forensic imaging technology Drink Drivers charged at Gateway toll booths|252150|application/pdf 79 KB
Page 20 - Virtual reality crime scenes New recruits have nose for crime|308716|application/pdf 58 KB
Page 22 - Composite offender imaging Its a dogs life|285929|application/pdf 27 KB
Page 24 - On-line mugshot innovation If all the worlds a stage then courts have the best seats in the house|833008|application/pdf 95 KB
Page 26 - When the video tape gets jammed Digital puts the byte on the dark room|444582|application/pdf 79 KB
Page 28 - Links through forensic intelligence Japanese officers put to the test in Sunshine State|393729|application/pdf 45 KB
Page 30 - Training for forensic services across QLD Study tour covers explosive topics|310261|application/pdf 27 KB
Page 32 - Working partnerships in forensic science Servicing the needs of Queensland seniors|706421|application/pdf 60 KB
Page 36 - Science solves murder Police divers never out of their depth|226686|application/pdf 56 KB
Page 38 - Solving the riddle of crime at the QLD Police Museum Police have Queenslands major airports covered|101579|application/pdf 36 KB

No. 184 January 2002 Vedette Cover

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