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Issue No. 298 - October 2005

Specialist Services Branch

Police Bulletin
Download the full Police Bulletin Issue No. 298 Police Bulletin Issue No. 310|2220755|application/pdf 1323 KB

Table of Contents
Page 01 - Front Cover Front Cover|151320|application/pdf 100 KB
Page 03 - Message from Commissioner Atkinson Message from Commissioner Atkinson|153071|application/pdf 55 KB
Page 04 - Acknowledgements Table of Contents|72080|application/pdf 105 KB
Page 05 - Contents page Message from Deputy Commissioner Conder|51889|application/pdf 1085 KB
Page 06 - Message from Deputy Commissioner Conder National Police Memorial Dedication Ceremony|253348|application/pdf 53 KB
Page 07 - SERT at Home in High-Risk Environment Police Family Suffers Recent Deaths|145785|application/pdf 79 KB
Page 09 - PSRT Stands Out from the Crowd Constable Robin Seefeld - Gone But Not Forgotten|189395|application/pdf 84 KB
Page 12 - New Robot Sinks Claws into Bomb Response Fitting Honour for Senior Constable Peter Kidd|58058|application/pdf 121 KB
Page 14 - Squad Uncovers Secrets of our Water Ways Constable Sondra Lena - First Female Police Fatality|87143|application/pdf 102 KB
Page 16 - Focus on Negotiating a Peaceful Outcome Sons Tribute to Senior Constable David Shean|82453|application/pdf 34 KB
Page 18 - Track Veterans Mount New Careers Senior Constable Lyle Hoey - Honoured by Officer and a Friend|160959|application/pdf 97 KB
Page 20 - Mans Best Friend National Police Memorial in Pictures|253221|application/pdf 190 KB
Page 22 - Sinking Ship chance for Water Police to Shine National Police Memorial Design|92546|application/pdf 301 KB
Page 26 - Squad on Right Track with Commuters In the Line of Duty|98152|application/pdf 87 KB
Page 28 - State Ready to Counter Terrorism National Police Remembrance Day in Queensland|441862|application/pdf 53 KB
Page 29 - Reviews Credited with Crime Reduction Belated Honour for Constable Matthew Connolly|70784|application/pdf 56 KB
Page 32 - Top 10 Named to Tackle Car Theft Gladstone Remembers its WWI Victims|56954|application/pdf 47 KB
Page 33 - U-Turn puts Theft Victims on Road to Recovery Blue Ribbon|62919|application/pdf 57 KB
Page 34 - Winning Architect has Policing in the Blood QPRIME|39393|application/pdf 53 KB
Page 36 - Footballers Unite to Promote Responsible Drinking  Edinburgh Military Tattoo|210844|application/pdf 90 KB
Page 38 - Commissioner's Carols Spread Christmas Cheer Police Commissioners Christmas Carols|98989|application/pdf 81 KB

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