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Issue No. 342 - October 2009

Policing through Queensland's 150 years

Police Bulletin
Download the full Police Bulletin Issue No. 342  (Police Bulletin Issue No. 331|7709219|application/pdf 2,404 KB)

Table of Contents
Page 00 Front Cover (page 1 Cover|530290|application/pdf 455 KB)
Page 03 Commissioners Message (page 3 Commissioner Ministers message|145755|application/pdf  56 KB)
Pages 04-05 Table of Contents (Table of Contents|135380|application/pdf 519 KB)
Page 06 Deputy Commissioners Message (page 6 Deputy Commissioners message|374649|application/pdf  54 KB)
Page 07 Ministers Message (page 6 Deputy Commissioners message|374649|application/pdf  52 KB)
Pages 08-12 Police make a spectacular contribution (Combined efforts snares prostitute murderer|247130|application/pdf 455 KB)
Pages 13-16 Transporting Police through time (SARCIS|360163|application/pdf 354 KB)
Pages 17-24 Leading the way in investigative technology (Searching beneath the surface|211725|application/pdf 336 KB)
Pages 25-28 145 years of Policing (Fraud Group pins card-skimming tourist|172787|application/pdf 351 KB)
Pages 29-31 Water Police celebrate 150 years (Solving the sticky cases|593345|application/pdf 286 KB)
Pages 32-36 Brief History of Queensland Police Uniform (New interactive tool snares criminals|238013|application/pdf 260 KB)
Pages 37-38 Communication Key to effective Policing (Without a trace|310060|application/pdf 157 KB)

Police Bulletin 342 Cover

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