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Strategic Plan for 1999 - 2001

J P O'Sullivan APM Ensuring the safety and security of the Queensland community as it heads into the new millennium is the priority for the Queensland Police Service (QPS). The structure of the QPS Strategic Plan 1999 - 2001 is new, and it is helpful to understand why the changes have been made and the context within which this Plan has been developed.

Changing crime trends, future major events (eg the 2000 Olympic Games and the Goodwill Games), the changing nature of our society, and increasing demands from the community. The consultation process used to develop this plan ensured issues that may affect the State were identified.

This is the first QPS Strategic Plan to reflect the Government's move from Program Management to Managing for Outcomes, the name given to the new management and budgeting initiatives introduced by the Government.

Under the Managing For Outcomes initiative all government departments are required to identify their key Outputs, which represent the actual services that the Government funds through the State budget. The Service has based its Outputs on the allocation of police time to particular activities:

  • proactive problem oriented policing;
  • general duties crime detection investigation and prosecution;
  • preservation of public safety;
  • combating organised and major crime;
  • traffic policing;
  • ethical standards and public accountability; and
  • corporate support.

These Outputs replace the programme structure that previously formed the basis of the last QPS Corporate Plan. A comprehensive suite of performance indicators has been developed for each of the Outputs. Assessment of the time allocated to each of these Outputs is being based primarily on data from the Statewide Activity Survey which is conducted twice a year. The QPS will continue to pursue a programme of continuous improvement, and has looked to innovative strategies that will increase our effectiveness in addressing the needs of the community, as part of the whole of government approach to safety and security.

The QPS Strategic Plan 1999 - 2001 is the result of extensive research and consultation throughout the Service. A comprehensive environmental scan was conducted that identified the issues likely to impact on policing Queensland in the future. Data gathered highlighted issues such as The Service's commitment to problem-solving and partnership policing is a key feature of the new plan. This acknowledges that traditional policing responses may not necessarily tackle the causes of crime, and that police cannot solve crime without the assistance of the community.

In order to be able to provide the best service possible it is imperative that we use our available resources to a maximum advantage. The QPS Strategic Plan 1999 - 2001 provides the framework for the Service to do that, in line with the Managing for Outcomes initiative. The new plan will serve as the foundation for all our personnel to direct their efforts and ensure a consistent high quality approach to policing in Queensland.

The new plan is complemented by the QPS Mission, Vision Statement and Guiding Principles, which provide the overarching ethos of our service commitment to the community.

To ensure that the Service makes best use of its resources it is crucial that we plan our strategies, monitor our performance and appropriately distribute our resources. To assist in this process a Management Cycle has been developed which clearly identifies the links between planning, budgeting and performance assessment. The cycle also indicates the timeframes when these activities are typically undertaken, to assist our staff and the public in understanding our management functions.

I commend this plan to the people of Queensland and all Service personnel. It reaffirms the Service's commitment and ability to continue to provide quality policing services throughout the State.

J P O'Sullivan APM


Last updated 09/12/2005