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External Research Requests


The Queensland Police Service (QPS) Research Committee was established to ensure decisions regarding the Service’s participation in, or approval of, all significant research requests, including whole of government research projects, partnership projects, externally and internally driven projects, are made in an appropriate and consistent manner.


The QPS Research Committee seeks to ensure major research and evaluation involving the QPS:

  • Is strategically aligned;
  • Informs policy, practice and performance;
  • Represents a sound return on the Service’s investment;
  • Supports business review and improvement;
  • Is methodologically acceptable; and,
  • Is supported by the QPS area affected by the research.

QPS Research Committee

The QPS Research Committee considers requests by external researchers to undertake significant research that impacts upon the Service, or requires involvement of Service members; and to monitor the progress of such research. The Committee meets on a quarterly basis.

Policing and criminal justice issues generate a substantial amount of academic interest. Therefore, the Service receives a substantial number of requests to conduct research each year. The QPS Research Committee seeks to facilitate quality research projects that builds an evidence base for ensuring best practice in the delivery of policing services to the community, the corporate management of a large and diverse organisation that is the Queensland Police Service, and informs the strategic direction of policing in Queensland.


Research applications with Service-wide implications are deemed as a ‘Major Research’ project. Applicants should refer to the Research Application Matrix Tool located below to determine whether a project is classified as limited or major.

Please contact the Research Unit, Operational Capability Command on email if you require further advice or clarification on this matter.

How to Apply

‘Major Research Project’ applications are to be submitted to the Chair, QPS Research Committee on the form “Application to Conduct a Research Study (External)” which is available below.

The QPS Research Committee will assess the application's suitability under the Research and Evaluation Project Policy. Research applicants will be promptly notified in writing of the Committee’s decision on their application.

The QPS Research Committee meets approximately every three months. Research applications must be submitted for consideration by the Research Committee one month prior to the following meeting dates:

  • 5 December 2014;
  • 12 March 2015;
  • 11 June 2015;
  • 3 September 2015; and
  • 3 December 2015

Please contact the Research Unit on email to receive final confirmation on meeting dates.

If your research is approved

Once your research application has been approved you will be forwarded an approval letter and attached document “Conditions of Approval to Conduct Research”.  A copy of this document is provided for your information below.

Prior to commencing your research you will be required to sign and return a “Formal Deed of Agreement”.  By signing this document, you provide an undertaking to abide by all conditions of approval attached to your research. A copy of the QPS conditions of approval is also available below. These conditions stipulate that you must prepare six-monthly progress reports and a reporting template for this purpose is provided below. You must also provide two bound hard copies of your final research report to the Research Committee. Researchers should also note that any reports, documents or papers for publication arising from the research project must be approved by the Research Committee prior to publication.

Once your project has been approved, a QPS Research Liaison Officer will be appointed to your project. The Research Liaison Officer will be your primary contact with the Service and will facilitate your research within the approved guidelines. The Research Liaison Officer is usually an officer who is familiar with your specific area of research and who can arrange access to data or personnel for interviews/surveys. This officer will not provide you with administrative or research assistance unless this is agreed to by the Committee and the officer’s manager. Upon receiving their approval notification, researchers should liaise with the QPS Research Committee Secretariat via email to facilitate this process.

Reasearch Application Matrix Tool Reasearch Application Matrix Tool|7804|application/pdf 8 kB
Application to Conduct a Research Study  Application to Conduct a Research Study (Major)|68096|application/msword 67 kB
QPS Conditions of Approval to Conduct Research QPS Conditions of Approval to Conduct External Research|26827|application/pdf 26 kB
QPS Research Committee Progress Report Attached file QPS Research Committee Progress Report Attached file|59392|application/msword 58 KB

Requests for a list of currently approved research and any other inquiries relating to any information provided on this site can be directed to the Secretariat, QPS Research Committee on email

Last updated 27/08/2014