​​​​​​News never sleeps and neither do the Queensland Police Service Media and Public Affairs Branch which now operates 24 hours a day.

Members of the branch come from a range of backgrounds including journalism, corporate communications and operational policing. They are available to provide advice and assistance to the media and QPS members.

The Public Affairs Branch also consult, advise, coordinate and manage public affairs, public relations and corporate internal and external communication projects and events.

The Branch also incorporates the Police Museum situated on the ground floor of Police Headquarters and the Queensland Police Pipes and Drums.

Missing Persons

Any person, whether an adult or a child, reported to police whose whereabouts is unknown and where there are fears for their safety or concerns for their welfare is classed as a missing person.

Queensland Investigations

Phillip James Carlyle was found dead in the airconditioning plant room of his Robina office on Sunday night 13th April 1997. He had been shot several times in the head at close range.