As the District Officer for Moreton Police District, I am often asked what the biggest challenges we face as police in our community are. Whilst the most logical answer would be ‘crime’, the answer which always springs to my mind is ‘protecting those most vulnerable in our community’.  Protecting vulnerable persons means that we look at partnerships between agencies both government and non-government to provide assistance and develop strategies which reduce risk of harm. Confident, Safe & Secure Living in Moreton is one such initiative whereby officers from the Moreton Crime Prevention Unit visit and talk to Seniors in the community and encourage them to think about not only how they can remain safe themselves, but also assist us with stopping crime and making our community safer.

Superintendent Michael Brady – District Officer, Moreton Police District.

The Myth 

Older people are more likely to be victims of crime than any other age group.

The Reality

Contrary to common belief, seniors are relatively safe compared to other age groups. 
Find out more by reading the 'Confident, Safe and Secure Living in Moreton' booklet available via this link or at any Police Station in the Moreton Police District.