Constable William ARUNDELL

Watsonville Police Station

21 February 1890

Kicked or thrown from a horse near Watsonville.​

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Constable Patrick J. CURTIN

Brisbane Police Station

10 July 1891

Killed in a horse riding accident at Adavale.

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Constable William J. DOYLE

Muttaburra Police Station

18 December 1891

Died from Peritonitis as the result of an on duty accident at Muttaburra.

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Constable Thomas M. BLACK

Charleville Police Station

24 January 1895

Drowned while moving horses across the Warrego River at Charleville.

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Constable William G. CLARKE

Hughenden Police Station

12 October 1895

Accidentally shot by the discharge of his own weapon at Alton Downs Station near Hughenden.​

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Constable Arthur LOWE

Oxley Police Station

20 October 1896

Died after falling from his horse at Oxley.​

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Constable James QUINN

Clermont Police Station

31 January 1896

Drowned in flood waters of Sandy Creek at Clermont.

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Constable Richard ROOTS

Coen Police Station

25 September 1897

Caught in a mine tunnel collapse at Coen.​

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Constable Patrick CAHILL

Longreach Police Station

11 February 1898

Drowned in flood waters of the Thompson River at Longreach, while trying to cross on horseback.​

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