​​Constable George R. YOUNG

Brisbane Water Police

28 November 1938

Killed in a plane crash near Beenleigh while searching for the missing Marjorie Norval.

YOUNG George Robert PM1138.png

Constable Douglas NICOL

Ipswich Police Station

10 February 1947

Died in an Ipswich hospital after sustaining injuries in a riding accident while relieving at Moore Station.

NICOLS Douglas PM1994.png

Sergeant 1/c Arthur NEDEN

Redbank Police Station

14 July 1947

Collapsed and died after a struggle during an arrest at Redbank.

NEDEN Arthur PM0625.png

Sergeant 1/c Theordore R. HERMAN

Blackall Police Station

28 March 1950

Collapsed and died of a heart attack during the arrest of two drunken offenders in Shamrock Street, Blackall.
HERMAN Theodore R 1669 ID ca1950 crop.jpg

Constable Harold F. BIDNER

Redcliffe Police Station

1 December 1951

Killed in a motorcycle incident at Redcliffe.

BIDNER Harold ID4134 edit.jpg

Constable James R. WARD

Woolloongabba Police Station

3 August 1952

Collapsed and died on his way to work at Woolloongabba.

WARD James Robb ID2490.png

Constable Michael J. HOWARD

Kilcoy Police Station

9 September 1953

Killed in a motorcycle incident at Kilcoy.

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