​National Police Remembrance Day 2017

The following candlelight vigils, marches and memorial services will be held throughout Queensland this year.

Vigils will be held on Thursday evening, September 28 - unless otherwise stated - while marches and memorial services will be held on Friday, September 29.

Dress of the Day

Commissioned Officers (on duty)

  • Candlelight Vigil and Marching in uniform – 'Dress of the Day uniform'. No tunics. The wearing of full size Medals and Citations are encouraged however, are not to be worn on polo shirts or Load Bearing Vests.
  • Plain clothes officers - business attire with insignia as appropriate. The wearing of full size Medals and Citations are encouraged.

Non Commissioned Officers (on duty)

  • Candlelight Vigil and Marching in uniform - 'Dress of the Day uniform'. No tunics. The wearing of full size Medals and Citations are encouraged however, are not to be worn on polo shirts or Load Bearing Vests.
  • Plain clothes officers - business attire with insignia as appropriate. The wearing of full size Medals and Citations are encouraged.


All police officers

Unless an officer has an exception approved, or is not OST qualified (including a current OST exemption) firearms and accoutrements are to be carried in the manner that is prescribed in policy.

Officers for whom an exception is approved, who are not OST qualified (including a current OST exemption) are encouraged to march and attend services to show their support of National Police Remembrance Day.

'Dress of the Day uniform' includes uniform items issued to police officers for their daily rostered duties.

'Dress of the Day uniform' includes firearm and accoutrements, if OST qualified and officers possess same.

Staff Members or Civilian Guests

Business attire with medals


Lowering of Flags

Flags at police establishments should be flown at the half-mast position as a sign of mourning until noon, then at full-mast to sunset. The flag is brought to the half-mast position by first raising it to the masthead and then immediately lowering it slowly to the half-mast position.  The flag should be raised again to the top before being lowered for the day.

The position of the flag when flying at half-mast will depend on the size of the flag and the length of the flagpole.

It is essential that it be lowered at least to a position recognizably "half-mast" so as to avoid the appearance of a flag which has accidentally fallen away from the mast-head owing to a loose halyard.

A satisfactory position for half-masting would normally be when the top of the flag is one-third of the distance down from the top of the mast.


Remembrance Day Blue Ribbons

Each year the Queensland Police Service provides all staff with satin blue and white chequered ribbons to be worn as a symbol of remembrance for all those officers who have been killed on duty.

The ribbon should be worn on the right hand side directly above the name tag.


Details of National Police Remembrance Day services being held throughout Queensland


Service:All Saints Anglican Church, 82 MacMillan street, 2pm
Contact:Senior Sergeant Steve Barton, 4790 3500
March:From Commonwealth Bank, Kariboe Street, 9.30am
Service:St Gabriel's Anglican Church, corner Kariboe and Melton streets, 10am
Contact:Senior Sergeant Nick Paton, 4992 2333
Police Chaplain John Coleman, 0414 722 008
Vigil:QPS Academy, Rudd Street, Oxley, 7pm
March:From Police Headquarters, Roma Street, 9am, to King George Square
Service:Cathedral of St Stephen, 249 Elizabeth Street, 10am
Contact:Inspector Garrath Channells, 3364 4661
Vigil:Bundaberg Station, 6pm
March:From Bundaberg Uniting Church to front of church, 9.45am
Service:Bundaberg Uniting Church, 34 Barolin Street, 10am
Contact:Vicki Booth, 4153 9173
Police Chaplain Ray Nutley, 0419 744 986
Service:St Laurence's Anglican Church, 165 King Street, 2pm
Contact:Danielle Smith, 5495 0419
 ​Police Chaplain Ian Todd, 0417 001 413
Service:Cairns Regional Council, 119-145 Spence Street, 10am
Contact:Police Chaplain Doug Foster, 0407 761 950
Vigil:Charleville Cemetery, Mary Street, 6pm
Service:All Saints Anglican Parish Church, corner Alfred and Sturt streets, 10am
Contact:Inspector Grantley Marcus, 0427 156 073
Belinda Percival, 4650 5530
Charters Towers
Service:Uniting Church, 101 Gill Street, 10am
Contact:Senior Sergeant Graham Lohman, 4788 2508
Service:Saint Colman's Catholic Church, Sheaffe Street, 4pm
Contact:Senior Sergeant Brad Rix, 0411 055 787
Service:St John's Anglican Church, corner Drayton and Cunningham streets, 10am
Contact:Senior Sergeant Terry McCullough, 4669 9203
Service:Doomadgee Station, front lawn, 5pm
Contact: Senior Sergeant Aaron Baxter, 0412 401 747
Service:Saint Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, corner Yamala and Anakie streets, 10am
Contact:Senior Sergeant Peter McFarlane, 4983 8100
Vigil:Police Memorial, Gladstone Station, 7pm
March:From Gladstone Station, 9.45am
Service:St Saviour's Anglican Church, 70 Auckland Street, 10am
Contact:Senior Constable Wendy Brooks, 4971 3247
Police Chaplain Daniel Jayaraj, 0435 867 166
Gold Coast
Service:Robina Anglican Church, 186 Robina Town Centre Drive, 1pm
Contact:Acting Inspector Mat Kelly, 5571 4240
Service:St Patricks Church, Church Street, 10am
Contact:Senior Constable Debbie Wruck, 5480 1410
Police Chaplain Bruce Dorman, 0419 165 947
Service:Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 39 McIlwraith Street, 2pm
Contact:Senior Sergeant Geoff Bormann, 4776 9777
Service:Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Church, 90 Rankin Street, 10am
Contact:Chaplain Will Spann, 0429 811 293
March:From North Ipswich Oval, The Terrace, 9.45am
Service:James Sangster Memorial, Browns Park, North Ipswich, 10am
Contact:Debbie Ward, 3817 1444
Julia Creek
Service: RSL, corner Matthews and Goldring streets, 10am
Contact:Sergeant Mark Mulligan, 0447 463 185
Service: St Michaels and All Angels Anglican Church, Alford Street, 3pm
Contact:Senior Sergeant Lance Guteridge, 4179 5222
March:From Beenleigh PCYC, 9am
Service:St George's Church, Tansey Street, Beenleigh, 10am
Contact:Inspector Chris Ahearn, 3801 0711
​March:From Stockman’s Hall of Fame entrance, 9.45am
Service:Memorial Garden, Stockman’s Hall of Fame, 10am
Contact:Emma Elliott, Jo Wyton, 4652 5216
Vigil:Old Town Hall Park, 57 Sydney Street, 5.30pm
March:From Brisbane Street, 9.30am
Service:St Patrick's Catholic Church, River Street, 10am
Contact:Sergeant Helen Newman, 4840 0820
Service:Abundant Life Church, 133 Walsh Street, 10am
Contact:Chaplain Allan Sharpe, 0439 798 128
Service:Life Church, Gayndah Road, 10am
Contact:Senior Constable Leigh Nancarrow, 4128 5309
 ​Police Chaplain Rob Simpson, 0411 212 265
Service:Moranbah Catholic Church, 70 Belyando Avenue, 10am
Contact:Senior Sergeant Michael Bailey, 4941 6201
Service:St Augustine's Catholic Church, 24 Grogan Street, 10am
Contact:Rebecca Warland, 4098 2177
Mount Isa
Vigil:Pamela Street Hill, 6.30pm
Service:Good Shepherd Catholic Church, 2 Corbould Street, 10am
Contact:Sergeant Cath Purcell, 0429 071 292
Service:Normanton Station, 10am
Contact:Senior Constable Margaret Green, 4745 2555
Pine Rivers
Service:North Pine Anglican Church, 2 Wyllie Street, Petrie, 11am
Contact:Senior Sergeant John Corbett, 3897 7279
Service:St Catherine's Catholic College, 96 Renwick Road, 10am
Contact:Sergeant Mark Flynn, 4945 9609
Service:Cleveland Baptist, Danielle Street, Cleveland, 2pm
Contact:Suzanne Luskie, 0423 091 560
Vigil:Police Memorial Park, Bolsover Street, 5.30pm
March:From Police Station, 9.45am
Service:St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 51 Denham Street, 10am
Contact:Senior Sergeant Ashley Hull, 4932 3424
Police Chaplain Glenn Louttit, 0407 708 002
March:From Roma Station, 9.30am
Service:All Saints Catholic Church, 7 Feather Street, 10am
Contact:Senior Sergeant Duane Frank, 4622 9333
Tanya Neil, 4622 9333
Sunshine Coast
Service:Kawana Surf Club, 99 Pacific Boulevard, Buddina, 10am
Contact:Chaplain Matt Govan, 0472 802 511
 Inspector Matt Wilson, 0400 502 644​
Thursday Island
Vigil:Graveside of William Conroy, dawn, September 29
Service:Uniting Church, 142 Douglas Street, 10am
Contact:Juanita Mills, 4069 1520
Vigil:Police Memorial, 52 Neil Street, 6pm
Service:St Luke's Anglican Church, 152 Herries Street, 10am
Contact:Alix Helsdon, 4631 6467
March: From Flinders Street West, 9.30am
Service:Sacred Heart Cathedral, Stanley Street, 10am
Contact:Janice Joseph, 4726 8640
Service:St Mark's Anglican Church, Grafton Street, 10am
Contact:Alix Helsdon, 4631 6467
Service:St Luke's Church, Central Avenue, Rocky Point, 10am
Contact:OIC Weipa, 4090 6000