The Queensland Police Service Academy (QPSA) is the central point for developing recruits into Police Officers. Part of Education and Training, the Academy (both Oxley and Townsville campuses) is also the central point for the education and career development of police officers and staff members around the State. The Academy makes it a priority to identify and provide opportunities for all members to have an equitable access to professional development and training. This is achieved through the Recruit Training Programme, Police Abridged Competency Education (PACE) course, Constable, Management, Professional and Executive Development programmes; Study and Research Scheme, Investigative, Computer, Firearms and Driver Training, Field Training Program and Physical Skills.

The aim of Recruit Training Programme is to provide police recruits with an opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities required to effectively perform the duties and functions of police officers. The programme is a 25 week course that teaches recruits about the law, operational skills and tactics and firearm operation.  The PACE course provides a shortened training programme for recruits who have had prior policing experience in Queensland, interstate or overseas. After being sworn in, Constables enter the Field Training Programme, where they receive further training, development and guidance.​