Currently the Queensland Police Service (QPS) Dog Squad acquires dogs through its breeding program and via donation from members of the public. The dogs are assessed for their potential as police dogs and following selection, they are allocated to handlers for training.

From early 2005 the Service opened the Puppy Development Kennel Complex at the Brisbane Dog Squad and now undertakes a Puppy Development Program. The program progresses puppies identified by the State co-ordinator as suitable for police work.

The puppy development program begins training pups from around 12 days old, focusing on desensitising them to surrounding noises. At eight to 10 weeks, they begin retrieval exercises to test their abilities as working dogs.

Click below to view some of our newest recruits in action

Queensland Police Dog Squad puppies at play

After this, the puppies are sent to carers throughout the state until they are old enough to begin the next series of training. Here they learn socialisation skills necessary to become a part of the community. During this time they will increase their confidence  by visiting schools and shopping centres where there are crowds and plenty of activity.

The pups will remain in foster care until they are 12 to 16 months before they return to the complex to receive a 14 week formal training. Around 75 percent of the puppies pass this course.

Click below to watch Senior Constable Phil Cowell discuss the training and potential future roles of recruit Lockie

Queensland Police Dog Squad school visit

Queensland puppies have been provided to the RAAF, other police services and Corrective Services throughout Australia.