The Queensland Mounted Unit stables are located at Moggill, and provide the best facilities and wide open spaces to keep the horses in their peak condition.

All horses with the Mounted Unit go through rigorous training routines on a regular basis in order to ensure they are prepared for any unforseen challenges in the field.

One such routine is the ‘sentry’ training, which prepares the horses for the diverse urban environments they will encounter during their policing careers.

Utilising traffic barriers, hanging tarps, fences, bollards, and a variety of other obstacles, sentry training gives the horses an opportunity to get used to the many objects they might encounter on their duties, so they are not surprised and intimidated by them.

In addition this, the Mounted Unit will also bring out the Police Band on a regular basis, and expose the horses to the noise and movement. Over time, the horses are less startled by the loud music, allowing them to operate more effectively at large gatherings such as music festivals and sporting events.

Preparing the horses for these eventualities makes both the horse and their rider more efficient. And with the knowledge that the horses are capable of dealing with their surroundings, Mounted Police are able to carry out their police work without distraction.

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