The Queensland Police Service (QPS) Mounted Unit is a unique and historic branch of the Queensland Police, providing effective and specialist policing for over 150 years. Currently the unit maintains 18 horses on active duty, for a variety of needs including crowd management, mounted searches, and operational patrols.

All horses used by the Unit are former race horses. Their natural speed and agility combined with rigorous police training make them effective in a variety of situations.

Officers work closely with their horses throughout training and while on duty, and become very attached to their equine partners.

The QPS Mounted Unit is always looking for new members to join its ranks. Those interested in joining the Unit must first satisfy the normal entry requirements for admission to the QPS. Either during training or at any other time following induction they may apply to undertake the equestrian test for entry into the unit.

Following successful completion of the test, members are then eligible to apply for vacancies in the part-time or full-time structure as they occur. At the present time there is no provision to train beginners.

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