​​As part of the QP150 celebrations in 2014,​ the Police Museum completed a list of every police officer either appointed and/or sworn since the Queensland Police Force commenced on 1 January 1864. Such a list was first suggested by Former Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson in 2009 after he viewed the Western Australian list of police officers.

The list includes 30301 names, and of these, 767 officers left the Queensland Police and later returned, meaning that between 1864 and 2014, 29534 individual officers (4797 women and 24737 men) have served the community of Queensland.

The complete list can be viewed within the Queensland Police Museum exhibition space on our touchscreen.

Due to privacy concerns, you can only download the portion of the list that features the names of those police officers appointed or sworn between 1864 and 1974.

QP Book of Names 1864 - 1974 (344 pages).pdf