Museum Resources

The Museum’s resources include archival, library and image collections. A large quantity of our research material is digitised but unfortunately not yet available on the internet. We are working towards making our collections more accessible to the wider public. You are welcome to contact us for information and we will endeavour to check our resources for answers to your question/s. We can also direct you to other sources of information and ways to advance your research.

We have an extensive personnel database from which we can usually supply a complete police officer service history. However full police officer personnel files dated prior to 1970 are held by Queensland State Archives (QSA) and can be accessed on site. Keep in mind that these files have a closure period of 65 years. Gaining access to personnel files within the closure period requires an application to the QPS Right to Information Unit.

We hold summary information on a number of Queensland murders but the bulk of these files are held at QSA. Keep in mind that murder files have a closure period of 75 years.

Online Resources

QPS Right to Information


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Queensland State Archives

QSA is the custodian of the largest and most significant documentary heritage collection in Queensland. It manages preserves and facilitates public access to the state’s permanent archival public records. QSA will copy information for you at a cost, contact them directly for details about this service.