During the 150 years of its history, the traditions of the Queensland Police have been shaped by immense social changes, incredible advances in technology and the continual evolution of operational procedures and staff attitudes toward their role and community co-operation.

History provides us with detailed information on who and what we are as an organisation, as well as offering valuable guidelines about our future direction.

The Queensland Police Service remains a constant within our community and attracts tremendous interest among historians, researchers, students and individual members of the public. To facilitate our responses to the increasing number of requests for specific and general information, staff of the Queensland Police Museum have produced this useful reference.

It is by no means a comprehensive history of the Queensland Police Service, but it will serve to answer many basic initial inquiries, while whetting the appetites of those who seek more detail.

Throughout these pages, the reader will be introduced to the complexities of modern policing; the growth of our personnel and physical resources to meet the expectations of our community; the adoption of the latest innovations in transport, communications, forensic, scientific and computer technology; and the continuance of effective contemporary management techniques.

Thank you for your interest in the Queensland Police Service. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Curator, Queensland Police Museum at Police Headquarters in Brisbane.