The purpose of a Client Service Charter is to provide a statement of what our clients can expect by way of services provided by the Queensland Police Service.  The Client Service Charter sets out the expectations of the Queensland Police Service in relation to its own performance and the expectations it has of the community.

Who we are

The Queensland Police Service is the primary law enforcement agency for the State of Queensland.  We fulfil this role throughout the State, 24 hours a day, upholding the law and providing assistance to the community when necessary and in times of emergency, disaster and crisis.

Our vision

Members of the community work with Queensland police to stop crime and make Queensland safer.

Our role is to

Preserve peace and good order in all areas of Queensland.
Protect and support the Queensland community.
Prevent and detect crime.
Uphold the law.
Administer the law fairly and efficiently.
Bring offenders to justice.

The Queensland Police will:

• treat you fairly
• deliver our services professionally, ethically and with integrity
• recognise and respect your individual rights and needs
• work in partnership with you to prevent and reduce crime
• minimise the negative consequences of crime and ensure offenders are held accountable
• acknowledge and respond to your request for service
• refer you to an appropriate agency if we cannot deal with your matter ourselves
• keep you informed throughout a police investigation and prosecution.

You can help us deliver our service by:

• abiding by the law
• using the triple zero (000) phone number for emergency circumstances only
• using the Policelink (131 444) number to report non-urgent crimes and incidents, particularly property crime
• negotiating with us about an appropriate response to your request for service
• working in partnership with us to prevent and reduce crime and the impact of crime and ensure offenders are held accountable
• providing us with all available information relevant to offences and offenders
• being honest and reasonable during your dealing with us
• treating our staff with courtesy and respect.

Review of the Charter

The QPS is committed to evaluating and reporting on its performance. We welcome feedback on our performance in achieving the standards outlined in this Client Service Charter.

We undertake to review our Client Service Charter on an on-going basis and ensure it is consistent with our Strategic Plan and community needs. Please see Reports and Publications for performance results reported through key budget documents and annual reports.

Other languages

This Charter is available from the Queensland Police Service website in languages other than English.​

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