​The QPS will assign priority to:

Improving access to information about QPS services for people with a disability, their families and carers.

The QPS is committed to making information about its services as widely accessible as possible, where appropriate and practicable. The QPS should therefore seek to enable ready access to information about its services and activities in a format and at a time and location, of a person’s choosing.

Information needs to be delivered in many ways to suit the needs of people with a disability. The QPS should adopt an equitable but flexible approach to delivering this information. This approach should take into account those people who need the information and how they need it delivered. The outcome should be that people are able to get the information they need in a manner that suits them.

Developing procedures for making information on services available in formats that satisfy the needs of people with a disability supports this principle.

Improving opportunities for people with a disability, their families and carers to participate in consultation regarding QPS services.

The QPS is committed to consulting the community about the type, quality and manner in which services are delivered. The QPS recognises that the consultation processes it uses must engage as many people as possible across the broad spectrum of Queensland communities. It is vital that all service consumers have equal opportunity and access to participate in consultation relating to services. A lack of opportunity and access may result in inequity. Consultation should include internal representatives, government and non-government organisations.