​Leave without Pay

Where a member has taken a continuous period of leave without pay in excess of three months, that part of the period in excess of the first three months shall not be counted towards the award unless it falls within one of the categories listed in the section relating to periods with other organisations which may be so counted.

Periods with Other Organisations

Where a member serves at another organisation while remaining a member of the Queensland Police Service, the period is not to be counted towards the award unless the person:

  • continued to be employed by the Queensland Police Service while at the other organisation
  • was on paid leave from the Queensland Police Service or received salary for the period which was ultimately paid by the Queensland Police Service either directly or through special funding arrangements
  • undertook the service at the other organisation as a Queensland Police Service management initiative to further the member's professional development
  • served for the period at an organisation within Australia under a staffing interchange agreement between the Queensland Police Service and the other organisation
  • served for the period at an organisation within Australia (e.g. Fitzgerald Commission of Inquiry; Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence; National Crime Authority; Australian Crime Commission, another state police service) under an agreement for the Queensland Police Service to supply personnel to the other organisation, on a temporary or rotational basis, to undertake policing or police related services

  • served at the other organisation for the purpose of providing policing or security services in another country (e.g. Cyprus; Haiti; Somalia) as part of an official United Nations peace-keeping force

  • undertook service at the other organisation which has otherwise been approved by the Commissioner as service which may be counted towards the award.

Wearing of the Medal

The QPSM is an unofficial award and is not recognised under the Australian Honours System. As such, the medal is to be worn on the right breast.

Application by former police officers and staff members

  • Living former members who meet the eligibility criteria as outlined in this information sheet may apply in writing to the Honours and Awards Unit, by completing the combined application and statutory decl​aration form to the effect that their service was diligent and ethical and of sufficient duration to meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Applications for the QPSM can also be made on behalf of the former member by a current serving QPS member or, for a former sworn officer, by the State Management Committee of the Queensland Retired Police Association or by a family member (in all cases where the applicant is not reasonably able to complete the application form).
  • Where an application is made on behalf of a former member, a covering letter with the application form outlining that the nominee is not reasonably able to complete the application form is to be provided by the person nominating the former member.
  • A copy of the certificate of separation/service must be attached, where issued and available.

Living former members

Living former members include age retirees, medical retirees and members who resigned, but does not include members who have separated from the Service with unfinalised investigations of a serious nature into their conduct.

Replacement of Queensland Police Service Medals

A former member whose award has been lost, damaged or stolen may make written application for a replacement medal or clasp to:

The Honours and Awards Unit
7th Floor, Police Headquarters
GPO Box 1440

Unless otherwise determined by the Commissioner, the cost of replacement is to be met by the applicant.