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Application to amend or cancel a Police Banning Notice Queensland Police Logo

Under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 you may apply to the Commissioner for a police banning notice to be amended or cancelled.

The application must:

  • Be made on this approved form; and
  • Contain sufficient information to enable the Commissioner of Police to make a decision.

An application may be made on any grounds. These can include reasons such as the police banning notice:

  • stops you from travelling to your home, workplace or place of education.
  • causes hardship to you or a member of your family

What will happen with my application?

The Commissioner has delegated the function of deciding applications for the review of police banning notices to an officer of the rank of Inspector or above. After submitting your application it will be examined by an officer who will, when practicable, make a decision within 5 business days.

After a decision has been made you will receive advice of this decision which may be delivered to you personally, emailed to you or sent to your last known address.

How to apply

Step 1 - Complete the following application form ensuring all questions are fully answered.

Step 2 - Click the Declaration box at the end of the form declaring that all the information supplied is true and accurate.

NOTE: Your application will not be processed if it does not contain sufficient information.

Step 3 - Click 'Submit' after completing all relevant fields, ticking the declaration box, and attaching all supporting information.

Alternatively you may print and e-mail the form and attachments to

Or you may post the printed form with any accompanying documentation to:

GPO Box 1440

NOTE: All accompanying documents must be scanned and sent with the application if it is to be emailed. Otherwise the form and all documents must be posted.

To assist in making this application all attached documents or images need to be either in a pdf, .doc, jpg, jpeg or png format. There is a limit of 5 documents with the size of each file limited to 1MB. If you upload a document greater than 1MB it is possible that your application will not be received.

If you have any trouble uploading all required documentation to one e-mail, please send a further e-mail with remainder of your documentation to, remembering the file size restrictions as stated. Remember to include your full name, date of birth, address and the police banning notice number.

A hard copy PDF application form is also available for use by applicants for Review of Police Banning Notice.

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