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Client Service Survey

The Queensland Police Service is committed to building relationships across the Queensland community, to reduce or prevent crime and make Queensland safer. As part of this commitment it is important to listen to our clients, to assess community satisfaction and understand how we can improve our services. The following questions are designed to give the Queensland Police Service feedback without the requirement for you to provide your details.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Your participation is voluntary but we value your opinion on our service delivery and therefore would encourage you to take the time to complete the survey.

Please note that employees of the Queensland Police Service and people under the age of 15 are unable to complete this survey.


The Queensland Police Service collects information to assist in performing its statutory functions and responsibilities. Information provided will be used to process your application, create a Police Report, and/or resolve your complaint, compliment or query. You may be required to provide a personal identification number such as drivers licence or passport number to assist in verifying your identity. Your personal information will be managed in compliance with the Information Privacy Act 2009.

There is the provision on some Online Forms to opt-out of providing any personal information. In these instances, the QPS will not collect, store, or use any personal information, and the above stipulations do therefore not apply.

View full Privacy Statement.

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As you have not agreed to the Privacy Statement, you cannot continue. As an alternative, please telephone Policelink on 131 444 or visit your local Police Station.
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  1. * Yes   No
  2. * Yes   No
  3. Sorry, you are not eligible to participate in this survey.
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  5. * Male   Female
  6. * 15-17 years
    18-19 years
    20-24 years
    25-29 years
    30-34 years
    35-39 years
    40-44 years
    45-49 years
    50-54 years
    55-59 years
    60-64 years
    65-69 years
    70+ years
    Refused / no answer
  7. * Yes   No
  8. * Specify the number of times
    Don't know / can't remember
  9. *
  10. * I was the victim of a crime
    To report a crime
    To report a traffic accident
    To report suspicious people/circumstances
    To give other information to police
    To get assisstance
    To attend neighbourhood watch or other community meetings organised by the Police
    To report a lost or found item
    A random roadside breath /drug test
    Police investigated a traffic accident
    Police investigated a noise /disturbance
    Police arrested you
    Police asked for /requested information
    It was informal contact
    I received a caution /warning, but no infringement notice issued
    Don't know / can't remember
  11. *
  12. * Yes
    No - police contacted me
    No - somebody else called
    Don't know / can't remember
  13. * By Phone
    By Internet
    By attending a police station or police shopfront in person
    Don't know / can't remember
  14. *
  15. *
  16. * Yes   No   Don't know / can't remember
  17. *
  18. *
  19. * Yes   No   Don't know / can't remember
  20. * Yes   No   Don't know / can't remember
  21. * Prompt
    Somewhat long
    Unreasonably long
    Don't know / can't remember
  22. * By police attending your residential address
    By phone
    By police attending your business address
    Don't know / can't remember
  23. *
  24. * The main Queensland Police website;
    QPS Facebook site
    QPS blog page;
    Policelink Smartphone Application
    Don't know / can't remember
  25. *
  26. * Yes
  27. *
  28. * Yes
  29. *
  30. * Yes
    Don't know / can't remember
  31. * Very satisfied
    Neither satisfied or dissatisfied
    Very dissatisfied
  32. * Yes
    Don't know / can't remember
  33. *

    How would you rate the level of (concern/helpfulness/fairness/professional conduct) shown by the police who you had most recent contact with? Would you say very good, good, fair, poor or very poor to the following:

  34. * Very Good   Good   Impartial   Poor   Very Poor   Don't Know
  35. * Very Good   Good   Impartial   Poor   Very Poor   Don't Know
  36. * Very Good   Good   Impartial   Poor   Very Poor   Don't Know
  37. * Very Good   Good   Impartial   Poor   Very Poor   Don't Know
  38. * Very satisfied
    Neither satisfied or dissatisfied
    Very dissatisfied
  39. *
  40. *
  41. *
  42. *
  43. * Yes - Aboriginal
    Yes - Torres Strait Islander
    Yes - Australian South Sea Islander
  44. * Yes - a European language
    Yes - an Asian language
    No - English only
    Yes - other
  45. *
  46. That concludes the survey. Thank you very much for your assistance

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