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Hoon On-Line Form

Queensland Police Service Hoon On-line Form.

If the incident is happening now please contact Triple Zero, 000.

Only use this on-line service if:

  • you have a valid and current email address.
  • you are the informant in this matter.
  • you have witnessed the incident.

Otherwise please contact Policelink on 13HOON (134666) or report the matter to your local police station.

Subject to operational requirements, you will receive a reply to your nominated e-mail address within 48 hours which will contain your Queensland Police reference number.

* indicates required fields
Hoon On-Line Form Queensland Police Logo
  1. * Yes   No
  2. As you have indicated that property has been damaged or person/s injured, this matter cannot be reported on-line using this form. Please report this matter to your local police station in person.
  3. * Yes   No
  4. Please be aware that by remaining anonymous it may restrict the ability of the Queensland Police Service to commence prosecutions against nominated suspects. You will also not be provided with a Queensland Police reference number.
  5. Informant Details
    1. * Queensland Driver Licence / 18+ Card
      Australian Driver Licence / 18+ Card
      None of the above
    1. *
      • *
      • *
      • *
      • *
      • *
    2. If you cannot supply one of the numbers above, you cannot proceed with this form. Please contact Policelink on 131 444 or report the matter to your local police station.
    1. *
    2. *
    3. * Please use the following date format (DD/MM/YYYY).
    4. * Male   Female
    5. * This information is required to assist in assessing the effectiveness of policies aimed at reducing the number of indigenous persons becoming involved in the criminal justice system. Aboriginal
      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
      Torres Strait Islander
    6. Address Details
    7. * e.g. 18 or 4/5 Smith Street
    8. *
    9. *
    10. *
      • *
    11. *
    12. *
  6. Location and Time of Incident
    1. Between dates and times the incident occurred
    2. * Day/Month/Year (example: 22/04/2011)
    3. *
    4. Day/Month/Year (example: 22/04/2011)
    5. * Be specific e.g. the vehicle travelled along Queen Street, Brisbane City near the intersection of George Street.
    6. *
  7. Vehicle Details
    1. * Yes   No
      • Note: To assist Queensland police with any enquiries, please describe the vehicle in as much detail as possible including its registration, if known.
      • e.g. Toyota, Ford, Holden, Suzuki
      • e.g. Corolla, Falcon, Commodore
      • * e.g. a sedan with mag wheels and a damaged headlight.
      • If partial registration is known please add, e.g. Last three letters are SWP.
  8. Report Details
    1. e.g. social media links
      e.g. Facebook: Youtube
    2. You must still complete all other fields below with information relating to the event you are reporting.
    3. Note:Please describe in as much detail as possible the actions of the vehicle and provide descriptions of the persons involved. If any questions are not known type UNKNOWN.
    4. * e.g. The vehicle was travelling along Smith Street, West End and was has performed a burn out causing the tyres to screech and smoke. The vehicle then took off at speed.
    5. * e.g. The driver was a Caucasian male, mid to late 20's, wearing a green shirt, thick dark beard and a shaved head or unknown.
    6. * e.g. A male person of medium build was sitting in the front passenger seat or the driver was the sole occupant.
    7. * e.g. Every Saturday night the same vehicle performs burns outs along Queen Street, Brisbane City or this is the first time I have witnessed this vehicle.
    8. * Yes   No
    9. * e.g. Names, addresses and contact details.
    10. * Yes   No
    11. * e.g. Names, addresses, how they are known to you.
    12. * Yes   No
    13. Police may contact you to obtain a statement if an investigation is commenced. At that time Police will provide you with further information if you are required to attend court.
    14. You cannot provide a statement for court purposes if you choose to remain anonymous.
  9. Photographs
    1. * Yes   No
      • Please note:File size limits apply and all photographs need to be either in a jpg, jpeg or png format, and other documentation to be in either PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel, where there is a limit of 5 photographs with the size of each file limited to 1MB. If you attempt to upload a photograph/document greater than 1MB or an incorrect file type, an error message will appear and the photograph(s)/document(s) will need to be re-attached. Please only attach the most relevant photographs of the property/damage.

        If you have any trouble uploading the photographs upon receipt of your official Queensland Police reference number you can e-mail the photos to Please ensure to provide the reference number, your name, date of birth and address in the e-mail.

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