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National Police Certificate - Name only

Before you begin

  • Use this form to apply at your local police station for a National Police Certificate - Name Only, which is an Australia-wide Criminal History Check completed for employment, study and overseas travel visa purposes.
  • This application cannot be used for citizenship or court purposes.
  • You will need to access to a printer to complete

Steps in getting your National Police Certificate

Step 1: Complete this form online and a PDF copy of your application will be generated

Step 2: You must print out the completed PDF application form

Step 3: Take the printed form to your closest Police Station with payment & identification (Find your closest police station)

Step 4: A QPS member will receive your application and payment, and check your identity

Step 5: Your application will be forwarded by the station to the Police Information Centre for processing

Step 6: Your Police Certificate will be mailed to you approximately 2-4 weeks' time from the receipt date

Failure to supply the requested information may mean that the QPS is unable to process this form or that there are delays in processing.

For application enquiries or phone: (07) 3364 6262.

Application cost - $58.50

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