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Withdrawal of Complaint Form

Queensland Police Service Withdrawal of Complaint Form.

Only use this on-line service if you:

  • no longer require Queensland Police action on this matter
  • have a valid and current email address
  • have your Queensland Police reference number (e.g. QP1234567890)
  • are the victim/informant in this matter
  • are 18 years or over
  • there is no suspect identified in this matter
  • there is no on-going prosecution or court matter related to this withdrawal

and, where the matter only relates to one of the following property offences:

  • break and enter
  • stealing
  • fuel drive off
  • property damage
  • graffiti
  • lost property
  • stolen vehicle

Otherwise please contact Policelink on 131 444 or attend your local police station to withdraw the matter.


The Queensland Police Service collects information to assist in performing its statutory functions and responsibilities. Information provided will be used to process your application, create a Police Report, and/or resolve your complaint, compliment or query. You may be required to provide a personal identification number such as drivers licence or passport number to assist in verifying your identity. Your personal information will be managed in compliance with the Information Privacy Act 2009.

There is the provision on some Online Forms to opt-out of providing any personal information. In these instances, the QPS will not collect, store, or use any personal information, and the above stipulations do therefore not apply.

View full Privacy Statement.

    1. Agree   Disagree
As you have not agreed to the Privacy Statement, you cannot continue. As an alternative, please telephone Policelink on 131 444 or visit your local Police Station.

* indicates required fields
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  1. Yes   No
  2. You cannot proceed with this withdrawal. For any further enquiries please contact Policelink on 131 444 or attend your local police station.
  3. You may be contacted via e-mail should Policelink require further information.
  4. Informant Details
    1. * Queensland Driver Licence / 18+ Card
      Australian Driver Licence / 18+ Card
      None of the above
    1. *
      • *
      • *
      • *
      • *
      • *
    2. If you cannot supply one of the numbers above, you cannot proceed with this form. Please contact Policelink on 131 444 or report the matter to your local police station.
    1. *
    2. *
    3. * Please use the following date format (DD/MM/YYYY).
    4. * Male   Female
    5. * This information is required to assist in assessing the effectiveness of policies aimed at reducing the number of indigenous persons becoming involved in the criminal justice system. Aboriginal
      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
      Torres Strait Islander
    6. Address Details
    7. * e.g. 18 or 4/5 Smith Street
    8. *
    9. *
    10. *
      • *
    11. *
    12. *
  5. Queensland Police Reference Number
    1. * Please enter the QPS reference number supplied when you reported the matter to Police. The number will begin with the letters QP and end with ten digits, e.g. QP1234567890 QP
    2. *
    3. * Yes   No
  6. Business Details
    1. * This information is found on the Business Certificate which is normally framed and displayed in the office or main shop area, e.g. ABC Pty Ltd trading as ABC Service Station.
    2. * e.g. 18 or 4/5 Smith Street
    3. *
    4. *
    5. *
    6. *
    7. e.g. Petrol station
    8. Confirmation of this withdrawal will be sent to the business.
  7. Withdrawal Declaration (Business)
    1. * Yes   No
    2. * Yes   No
      • * e.g. I, John Smith, console operator working on behalf of BP Service Station, Maroochydore state that the business no longer wishes to proceed with complaint of fuel drive off which occurred on the 01/01/2012.
      • * e.g. The driver of the vehicle, Qld registration 123ABC subject to this complaint has since returned and paid for the fuel. We do not wish to proceed with the complaint.
  8. Withdrawal Declaration (Person)
    1. * Yes   No
    2. * Yes   No
      • * e.g. My wallet was stolen from a friend's house whilst I attended a party.
      • * e.g. The person who took the wallet has given it back. I no longer wish to proceed with the complaint. or The wallet was located at the dwelling. The property item was lost not stolen.
  9. You have indicated you do not wish to withdraw this matter on-line. If you have any further enquiries please contact Policelink on 131 444 or attend your local police station. If you wish to proceed please select Yes to continue.
    • By selecting the Submit button you agree to withdraw this matter and therefore no further action will be taken by Queensland Police. If you have any further enquiries please contact Policelink on 131 444 or attend your local police station.

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