​Police Powers and Responsibilities (Commonwealth Games) Amendment Act 2017PPRA Cover Graphic.JPG

The Police Powers and Responsibilities (Commonwealth Games) Amendment Act 2017 inserts a new Chapter 19A which achieves two key outcomes:
  • creates a new type of security area called a protective security zone (PSZ) associated with the Games; and
  • authorises police officers to exercise additional powers in those zones.

PSZs are an important part of supporting Games security by covering areas such as pedestrian approaches to Games venues, public assembly sites and public transport networks including railways, trams, buses and in some cases waterways.

The Act does not restrict or prevent the community comin​​g and going in the protective security zones. It simply means that when a person is entering or in the protective security zone, police may exercise their additional powers in respect of the area, the person's belongings and their vehicle.

​The Act does not create new offences or impact rights such as the right to peaceful assembly. It strikes a balance between protecting and reassuring people attending the Games while still respecting individual rights and liberties.​​


Major Events Act 2014​MEA front cover.JPG

The Major Events Act 2014 (MEA) provides a range of provisions to declare and manage major events being held in Queensland. 

Under the Major Event (Gold Coast Commonwealth Games) Regulation 2017, the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games has been prescribed as a major event.

The Act provides legislation around what will be a major event, the areas in which the major event will take place, and provides for the safety of visitors and spectators at those events and in those areas whilst protecting the rights of the event organisers such as: 

​​Prohibited and Restricted Items​​

Police will be working closely with contracted security providers at the venues to ensure a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for everyone who attends the Games.

These security providers will be responsible for servicing GC2018 venues and enforcing venue entry conditions. 

GOLDOC has set out the Venue Entry Conditions which include a list of prohibited items (see section 6.2). It is highly recommended that ticket holders visit GOLDOC's website prior to attending an event.

The QPS will respond to any incidents of a person entering or within a major event area in possession of restricted items set out in s.20(1)(a)-(f) of the MEA such as

A person must not possess any of the following while entering or within a major event area -

(a) a weapon;
(b) an explosive;

(c) a flare or other distress signal;
(d) a laser pointer;
(e) an animal, other than—

(i) for a person with a disability who relies on a guide, hearing or assistance dog—the guide, hearing or assistance dog; or
(ii) for a person who lives in a major event area—the person's pet;

​(f) another thing prescribed by regulation.

 Games Route Network (GRN)

MEA Coolangatta map.JPG

Traffic organisers have designed a Games Route Network (GRN), in anticipation of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the various sports events which will see the movement of large numbers of people. The GRN is a designated route which will be prioritised for the movement and use of accredited Games vehicles.

The GRN will also include dedicated Games lanes – major event lanes - in some areas. These lanes were prescribed by the Major Event (Gold Coast Commonwealth Games) Regulation 2017.

Police will employ a range of strategies including coordination of traffic light phasing and heightened management of feeder routes and diversions to keep the GRN flowing. This designated network will also include dedicated Games Lanes in some areas.

The maps for the lanes are set out in detail in Schedule 8 of the Regulation. Major event area maps are also available in the Regulation. 

Local maps for ten prime competition and event areas are progressively being made available via the Get Set for the Games website. These indicate the local GRNs, restricted access areas, venue perimeters and public transport stations. ​​​​​