​​​​​​​​What is a Protective Security Zone?

Protective security zones, or PSZs, are areas where police will be able to apply additional powers aimed at keeping the community safe. These additional powers would apply only in the PSZs, and are proposed to lapse one week after the Games conclude. 

The community should be aware that when entering or inside a PSZ, police will have the ability to quickly and efficiently search people, vehicles and places as needed in an effort to keep the public safe (Chapter 19A, Police Powers and Responsibilities Act​​ 2000).

Specifically, in these PSZs, police officers will be able to:

  • ​conduct a frisk search of persons without warrant;
  • stop, search and detain vehicles entering or in the zone without warrant;
  • enter and search premises including land associated with premises without warrant, but cannot enter residential premises unless with the occupier's consent or with reasonable suspicion;
  • give a general direction to persons (individually or in a group) in a public place for the safety and security of persons including giving a direction to move to another location or leave the zone; and
  • use firearms and explosives detection dogs to search public places, premises that are not residences and yards of private places. ​​

How will you know if you're in a PSZ?​​​

Maps of the PSZs can be viewed here. A list of the PSZs and the timeframes each PSZ will be active is located in Schedule 1A​​.​​​