​​Impounded or Immobilised Motor Vehicles - Applications for Early Release

Vehicle Related Offences (Hooning)

Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000, Chapter 4
Information about Motor Vehicle Impounding and the early release of an impounded or immobilised vehicle together with the relevant applications can be found at,

Deed Forms


Business Services Division

Completed by external clients requesting police officers to perform special services; acceptance of QPS charges and conditions pertaining to the service and also clearly sets out the duties to be performed by police officers.
For new customers (debtors) to make application to a Finance Manager in a Region, Command or Division to establish their credit standing with QPS.

Challenge Notice under the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998

Challenge Notice TOSPA

Form 2 under the Summary Offences Regulation 2006


Form 4 under the Evidence Act 1997


Challenge Notice Under Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000


Forced Muster Orders

Can be used by the owner of stock to apply to a magistrates court for a Forced Muster Order under section 789AA of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000.
Members of the public who are contemplating applying for a Forced Muster Order are advised to initially make contact with their local magistrates court, and further assistance can be sought by contacting their police station and/or their nearest Stock and Rural Crime Investigation Squad.

Notice of Intention to Hold a Public Assembly under the Peaceful Assembly Act 1992


Notice under the Weapons Act 1990 - Requirement of Witness​


Completed by a defendant or an accused person, or their legal representative, requiring the calling of a police officer as a witness with respect to a document made under section 163 of the Weapons Act 1990.

To be given to the relevant prosecutions area at least 3 clear days before the hearing.

Form 37 Notice - Section 163(2) - Weapons Act 1990

Plea of Guilty Form


Public Nuisance Ticket Information Sheet


Traffic Permit Applications


Vehicle Escort Matrix

Weapons Licensing Forms