​​​​​​​​​​Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000, Section 719

Take notice that the Commissioner possesses the following things.

TAKE NOTICE that the commissioner may order the forfeiture to the State of the relevant things;


That an application may be made to a magistrate for an order for the return of the things;


That, if an application is not made to a magistrate within 28 days after the notice is given, the commissioner may order that the things be forfeited to the State.

If you apply to a magistrate, the commissioner may not order the forfeiture of the relevant things unless the magistrate refuses to order the delivery of the things to the applicant or the application is withdrawn, whichever happens first.

Information that appears on this page is made available because the name and address of the owner is not known, and the Notice to Owner is unable to be given to the person who appeared to have possession of the property before it was seized.


Notification Date Disposal Notice Property​​
19/04/2018QP16017724951. Mens analog SCAT watch with broken band 2. Mens Quartz silver and gold wristwatch with broken clasp 3. Ladies Pierre Cardin wristwatch with gold link band and pearl face 4. Mens gold link chain (no stamp) 5. Blackberry mobile phone 6. 19 x Optus Sim cards (new) 7. Apple iPad S/N GB028855A90
19/04/2018 QP15001349001. Iphone 6
19/04/2018 QP15010863021. Toshiba Laptop computer 2. LG mobile phone
19/04/2018 QP1800714304 1) Honda push lawn mower - Red, # MBAU1015510 (Damaged) 2) Single Swag / Tent 3) Holland Vintage Cruiser Pushbike - Green, Basket & Carry tray - # 05717, # 71034650 (Damaged)
13/04/2018 QP17020661361 x Uniden App Cam 25 (Uniden CCTV Camera) S/N A25J4J00901 1 x Felt Diary (Eiffel Tower Picture) 1 x Pacific cutlery knife 1 x Ryobi Impact Driver Bits 1 x stanley knife 1 x Knife in sheath Stanley knife blades 1 x Dewalt 18v torch 1 x Ryobi Airwave die grinder 1 x Ryobi one plus 18v impact driver 1 x Ryobi plus torch 1 x Ryobi plus battery charger 1 x Pair Chopper sunglasses 1 x Sandleford 20ET Safe
10/04/2018 QP16007732071. 9ct gold mens ring with line of 5 small diamonds. 2. 18ct gold mens ring containing one large diamond in middle of star shaped engraving and L shaped line of smaller diamonds around edge. 3. Small gold coloured ring with oval shaped purple stone in the middle. 4. 18ct mens gold ring with three small diamonds in diagonal line. 5. 9ct gold link chain necklace with cross pendant attached. 6. 9ct gold round pendant with a ram in middle. 7. 1 x 9ct gold hoop earring with green stone and 'S' on either side. 8. 1 x 9ct gold stud earring containing green heart shaped stone and a clear stone on top.
09/04/2018 QP1800335313P1800072200 dusty pink clutch, containing $11.10 and coffee card
09/04/2018 QP1800522863P1800114731, Australian Currency serial number AL 07997780
09/04/2018 QP1800513797P1800112477 Prescription black 'Oroton' sunglasses
09/04/2018 QP1800625181P1800137056 steel ring, blue stone and P1800137062 Mitsubishi car key
09/04/2018 QP1800564491P1800124168 'Fluid' orange and black mountain bike
09/04/2018 QP15017432161. Apple Iphone 6
27/03/2018 QP1602320905Cannabis
26/03/2018 QP1701415736 1. White Apple iPhone 6 plus in black case with charger
23/03/2018 QP1200626709 Telephone: Cellular/mobile phone - Apple iPhone 4 - #012417000941833
20/03/2018 QP1601796095 Smith & Wesson black fold out knife
20/03/2018 QP1200996470 1 X Mirtazapine Tablet Sealed in Blister Pack