​​​​​​​​​​Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000, Section 719

Take notice that the Commissioner possesses the following things.

TAKE NOTICE that the commissioner may order the forfeiture to the State of the relevant things;


That an application may be made to a magistrate for an order for the return of the things;


That, if an application is not made to a magistrate within 28 days after the notice is given, the commissioner may order that the things be forfeited to the State.

If you apply to a magistrate, the commissioner may not order the forfeiture of the relevant things unless the magistrate refuses to order the delivery of the things to the applicant or the application is withdrawn, whichever happens first.

Information that appears on this page is made available because the name and address of the owner is not known, and the Notice to Owner is unable to be given to the person who appeared to have possession of the property before it was seized.


Notification Date Disposal Notice Property​​
22/02/2018QP1700366337 Various Items
22/02/2018 QP1500205319 1. 7.402g Codeine (with iBuprofen).
22/02/2018 QP1600710563 1. Apple MacBook Air.
15/02/2018 QP1601619764a 1. $550.00
15/02/2018 QP1601619764 1. $1280.00
14/02/2018 QP1500002439 1. 0.906g Mirtazapine. 2. 10.182g Oxybutynin.
13/02/2018 QP1600256223 Black GoPro Hero 4. Serial No: C3141324810520
08/02/2018 QP17013562001. Pair of Tan Pants 2. Pair of Peach High Heeled Shoes 3. Black Nike Bag