​​​​​​​​​​Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000, Section 719

Take notice that the Commissioner possesses the following things.

TAKE NOTICE that the commissioner may order the forfeiture to the State of the relevant things;


That an application may be made to a magistrate for an order for the return of the things;


That, if an application is not made to a magistrate within 28 days after the notice is given, the commissioner may order that the things be forfeited to the State.

If you apply to a magistrate, the commissioner may not order the forfeiture of the relevant things unless the magistrate refuses to order the delivery of the things to the applicant or the application is withdrawn, whichever happens first.

Information that appears on this page is made available because the name and address of the owner is not known, and the Notice to Owner is unable to be given to the person who appeared to have possession of the property before it was seized.


Notification Date Disposal Notice Property​​
21/11/2017QP16008616861. 1 x MACHETE WITH BROWN HANDLE
21/11/2017 QP16014197441 x Epson Projector - serial no: WCXK6200256 assorted hand tools
14/11/2017 QP1501711751 1. $1,011.00
12/11/2017 QP1300042005 Seagate Hard drive, Toshiba Satellite and Apple I Phone 3
07/11/2017 QP1700705856 1. Samsung mobile phone, with blue back.
05/11/2017 QP1700151308 1. A gold plated rectangular pendant on a woven gold plated chain 2. Skagen wrist watch with a black square face, metal band, white numbers
03/11/2017 QP17011900632007 Nissan Navara - Maroon- QLD REGO 044WVP - VIN VSKCLND40A0202868
03/11/2017 QP17009700841999 HOLDEN COMMODORE - REGO 919WYV VIN# 6H8VTK69HXL457723 DAMAGED
24/10/2017 QP1601667132 1. Asus Computer Tower 2. LG Monitor 3. Acer Keyboard 4. Mouse 5. Power Cord
19/10/2017 QP1600954700 Ruger KP512 .22 semi automatic pistol serial number 220-97559
18/10/2017 QP1501818401 1. Binoculars. 2. Camera, Nikon Coolpix S220. 3. Purse containing foreign currency. 4. Perfume, Joop Jump. 5. Clothing, various articles. 6. Cordless drill, GMC. 7. Various hand tools. 8. Clothing, hoodie. 9. Clothing, Balaclava. 10. 2x Clothing, scalf/wrap. 11. ATM card. 12. Hockey stick end. 13. Soldering iron.
17/10/2017 QP1701273281 1. Ryobi cordless impact drill with 18v battery