​​Court Brief (QP 9)

A copy of a Court Brief (QP 9) can be obtained by a member of the public where that document contains information about that person or relates to the exercise of a right that may be available to the person (eg criminal injury compensation). Usually, only the victim, or their authorised legal representative, will be provided with a copy.
A Court Brief (QP 9) is only provided where the court proceedings have been finalised and the appeal period (if applicable) has expired. Confidential or privileged material may be excluded from this document.

For any upcoming court matters please contact Department of Police Prosecutions to obtain a copy of the court brief07 3099 6222
A person wishing to apply for a Court Brief (QP9) should write to the Manager, Police Information Centre, giving details of the date and place of the court appearance, details of the offence/s charged, enclosing a copy of sufficient identification such as a current driver’s licence, passport or other photographic identity document Payment by cash, bank cheque, personal cheque or money order made out to the Commissioner of Police, is required at lodgment.
All applications must be in writing to:
The Manager
Police Information Centre
Queensland Police Service
GPO Box 1440
Current Fee:QPS Schedule of Fees and Charges​​​ for each Court Brief
For enquiries please
e-mail a query to:
Senior Information Release Officer [pic.inforeleaseofficer@police.qld.gov.au]​
Or telephone: (9am-4pm)
07 3364 4491 (if calling from within Australia)
+61 7 3364  4491 (if calling from overseas)