​Official reports, reviews, statements and strategies of the Queensland Police Service.

Queensland Police Service Review

In August 2012 a Review, guided by the Government's Public Sector Renewal Program, of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) was commenced. The proposed changes are now able to be communicated to the community.

Summary of Queensland Police Service Structural Changes 2013

Annual Reports

Highlighting the Queensland Police Services activities and achievements.

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Annual Statistical Reviews

Information on crime trends and patterns, and other policing issues and is useful for external researchers, private and public agencies and community groups.


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Reported Crime Trend Data

The view and download files containing the number of reported offences and the number reported per 100,000 persons for Queensland, navigate to the Reported Crime Trend Data​​ page. 

Customer Complaints

Information on customer complaints received by the Queensland Police Service.

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Strategic Plans

The Strategic Plan outlines the direction for the Queensland Police Service and the strategies for delivering effective policing for Queensland.


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Release of reports into issues associated with violent confrontations, use of force and internal culture

In 2014/15 the Queensland Police Service (QPS) took the initiative to commission several reviews into the issues associated with police shootings, use of force and internal culture. Considerable effort and commitment has delivered final reports and recommendations for Task Force Bletchley, the Violent Confrontations Review and a Cultural Review of the Gold Coast District.

Please Note: -

While the reports are being released largely unedited, some details have been redacted where necessary to protect the privacy of individuals or for other legal reasons.

The release of the Cultural Review of the Gold Coast District has been confined to the executive summary as the report is predominantly drawn from a compilation of interviews which were conducted on a confidential basis.

Task Force Bletchley (PDF, 2620KB)

QPS Violent Confrontations Review (PDF, 2260KB)

QPS Cultural Review - Executive Summary (PDF, 151KB)

QPS Reviews - Fact Sheet  (PDF, 23KB)