The QPS Disability Service Plan 2017-2020

The Disability Services Act 2006  (Qld) provides a strong foundation for promoting the rights of Queenslanders with disability, increasing their wellbeing and encouraging their participation in community life. An important feature of this legislation is that it requires all Queensland Government departments to develop and implement Disability Service Plans (DSPs). The purpose of DSPs is to ensure each department has regard to the Act's human rights and service delivery principles and the government's policies for people with disability. DSPs aim to improve access to services across government for people with a disability, including more coordinated responses.

On 26 July 2017, the Queensland Government endorsed the State Disability Plan 2017 - 2020: All Abilities Queensland: Opportunities for All. The state plan will provide the focus for Queensland Government Disability Service Plans until 2020.

All Abilities Queensland: opportunities for all sets a vision of "Opportunities for all Queenslanders" with five priority areas:

  1. Communities for all;
  2. Lifelong learning;
  3. Employment;
  4. Everyday services and
  5. Leadership and participation.

The QPS DSP aligns with the Government's State Disability Plan. In our plan, the QPS commits to building a fairer, more inclusive Queensland where people with disability, their families and carers, are able to access opportunities on the same basis as everyone else.

The QPS DSP includes actions for the development and improvement of services that are responsive to the needs of clients and members with disability and their families and carers. This DSP has been developed through internal and external consultation and identifies our continued commitment to provide a high standard of services for the Queensland community.

To access the full document please click on the following link: QPS Disability Services Plan (PDF, 4137 KB).