​​​​Each year Queensland Treasury prepares the State Budget Papers for government. The budget consists of five separate documents and outlines the government’s revenue and expenses for the coming year, provides an overview of the state economy and details the priorities the government will deliver.

The QPS sets its own service delivery priorities for each budget, taking into account the government’s priorities, its own strategic priorities and community and Ministerial feedback. These priorities inform the contents of a budget submission prepared by the QPS which is submitted to Queensland Treasury. The Cabinet Budget Review Committee (CBRC) considers the submission, along with submissions from other Departments, and decide which proposals are to be implemented.  

Following decisions by CBRC the State Budget Papers are prepared. The QPS works closely with Queensland Treasury to prepare three of the budget papers (BP3, BP4 and BP5). 

An overview of the State’s Budget Papers is provided below: ​
  • Budget Paper 1 (BP1) – Budget Speech
    Transcript of the speech delivered by the Treasurer to Parliament when handing down the budget. 
  • Budget Paper 2 (BP2) – Budget Strategy and Outlook
    The QPS does not have any input into BP2 which provides the context and background to the budget. This includes the Queensland Government’s fiscal and economies strategy, key budget priorities, overviews of revenue and expenses and whole of government financial statements. It also provides information on economic conditions and Queensland’s economic performance. 
  • Budget Paper 3 (BP3) – Capital Statement
    Presents an overview of proposed capital outlays by each department as well as a summary of the Government’s approach to infrastructure provision. Note that much of the QPS’ capital works are carried out by the Public Safety Business Agency. 
  • Budget Paper 4 (BP4) – Budget Measures
    Presents a consolidation of expense, capital and revenue measures reflecting decisions since the previous budget. Any decisions of Government affecting QPS funding or policy will be found here.
  • Budget Paper 5 (BP5) – Service Delivery Statements
    Provides budgeted financial and non-financial information. A separate document is provided for each department. This document contains the QPS’ departmental overview, performance measures, service area information and budget summary. 

Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review (MYFER)

​Supplementary to the State Budget Papers is the Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review (MYFER), usually released in December each year. MYFER is an opportunity for CBRC to update the State’s financial position and consider emergent issues. 

Links and Contact: 

​QPS’ contribution to the State’s Budget Papers can be viewed via the following links: 

Please email QPS.Reporting@police.qld.gov.au​ if you would like more information regarding QPS’ budget process.  If you would like more information on the services PSBA delivers on behalf of QPS, including capital works, please visit their website at www.psba.qld.gov.au