​Policing and criminal justice issues generate a substantial amount of academic interest. The QPS Research Committee seeks to facilitate quality research projects that build an evidence base for ensuring best practice in the delivery of policing services to the community, the corporate management of a large and diverse organisation that is the Queensland Police Service, and informs the strategic direction of policing in Queensland.

The QPS Research Committee considers requests by researchers to undertake significant research that impacts upon the Service, or requires involvement of Service members; and to monitor the progress of such research.

The QPS Research Committee seeks to ensure major research and evaluation involving the QPS:

It is recommended that prior to submitting a research application; researchers should contact the Research and Evaluation Unit to discuss their intended research project. Correspondence can be addressed to Manager, Research and Evaluation Unit - QPS.Research@police.qld.gov.au​

Major research projects that have been approved by the QPS Research Committee are contained within the Major Research Project document. The Major Research Project document contains a summary of the current, on-going research being conducted in partnership with QPS using police data and resources.  It is updated regularly and aims to provide internal and external researchers with an initial point of contact to determine whether a topic of interest is already being explored by the Service.

Major Research Projects_Sept17.pdf