The Queensland Police Service (QPS), in partnership with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads' (TMR) and stakeholders from the Trucking Association and Pilot Association, recognizes the difficult tasks required for personnel involved in the transport of over-dimensional loads in the State of Queensland (QLD).

As a result, and in consultation with these stakeholders, the Heavy vehicle Road Operations Program Office (HVROPO) was established to provide a high standard of service that promoted consistency in the assessment and issuing of permits in a timely manner and to provide information to the Transport industry regarding legislative requirements and procedures.

​In 2014 the National Heavy Vehicle Law (NHVL) was passed through Parliment and, administered by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), is now the primary base for for the rules and regulations surrounding the movement of over-dimensional loads. The Performance Guidelines issued by the TMR, in conjunction with the NHVL, set out specific rules and regulations for vehicle and driver requirements for the transport of over-dimensional loads in QLD. This includes truck, pilot, and escort drivers, as well as some regulations for the Police component of Wide Load movements.

The QLD Police HVROPO is an inter-agency office with TMR, and such is in a unique position to provide advice to the industry and coordinate Police Wide Load Escort officers to assist with over-dimensional movements.

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