Application for travel by oversize/dimension vehicles during Christmas and Easter travel restrictions periods.

If you want to drive an excess dimension vehicle (as described in Form 4 Guideline for excess dimension vehicles) during the Christmas or Easter travel restriction periods you are required to;

Apply through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. The Web page is:

Compile the application as outlined on the form including the following information

  • Clearly state the purpose/type of the application
  • Full reasons for traveling on the state network of roads during the holiday periods. Reasons need to be of an emergent nature rather than Business as usual commercial reasons. There needs to be a clear emergency and evidence provided for that emergency.
  • A full Traffic management Plan showing the route requested and strategies proposed to mitigate the risks associated with extra traffic and drivers not familiar to the local network. This may include the provision of extra pilots and signage.
  • Written approval from your local Council and Police
  • Approval from any other relevant authorities.


Send the application to;


Note: Access decisions are not made lightly and all decisions are based on the information provided at the time by the operator. Decisions are final however there is a review process available as contained in the National Heavy Vehicle Law.​