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Floor Ten, 313 Adelaide Street, Brisbane
Ph: 1300 105 647
Fax: (07) 3066 4132

Enquiries: 3066 6805

Finance: 3066 6814
Email: HVROPO@police.qld.gov.au​

​​Latest News

November 2017 Update

​​​The HVROPO will be closed over the Christmas and New Year break; between Saturday 23rd December 2017 and Monday 1st January 2018 (inclusive).
The office will resume regular business hours from Tuesday 2nd January 2018.
Because of this closure - and the closures of other offices and stakeholders - any applications for movements that require a police escort during the week of Wednesday 3rd January 2018 through Monday 8th January 2018, MUST be received by this officer by close of business Friday 15th December 2017.
​Travel restrictions for this period are outlined below.

September 2017 Update

Effective from the 25th September 2017 Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR), in line with the process in place for the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), have decided not to provide clients with the TMR Permit number until the Permit has been finalised and issued. Accordingly, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) will no longer be able to accept any Wide Load Escort applications without a valid, issued TMR Permit.

In line with this new process, the QPS has also determined that an application must include all third-party approvals at the time of application, or it will not be able to be processed. 

An outline of the new procedure, as well as contact details for Third Party ​approvers and a guideline for what approvals will be req​​uired, is available at QPS Wide Load Escort Applications.

Applications are still to be submitted to this office via email at least; (a) Three (3) clear business prior to the requested date of travel for single-day travel, or (b) Five (5) clear business days prior to the requested date of travel for multiple-day travel (ie, overnight stops). 

Our Email address is changing - Please be advised that this office now has a shorter email address available; HVROPO@police.qld.gov.au. Emails sent to either HVROPO@police.qld.gov.au or HeavyVehicleRoadOperationsProgramOffice@police.qld.gov.au will both be received. 

Note: if you do not receive any return correspondence at least three (3) business days prior to departure, please follow up with a phone call to confirm your application/correspondence has been received.


Travel restriction period for Queensland is still as outlined under the Form 4 Performance Guidelines​, Section 10, subsection 10.4.  Formal notice from NHVR will be issued in due course.

Christmas 2017/18

For any loads that require police or multiple escorts (greater than 4.5M wide and/or greater than 30M long)- No travel between 00:01 Tuesday 19 December 2017 and 23:59 Tuesday 2nd January 2018.
For all over dimensional loads - no travel between 12:00 Friday 22 December 2017 and 23:59 Tuesday 2 January 2018.

Easter 2018

No movement of over-dimensional loads between 0001 hrs on Thursday 29th March 2018 until 2359 hrs on Tuesday 3rd April 2018 throughout Queensland.

​Note: To apply for an exemption to travel during any curfew period, please see the Curfew Exemption Process​ page for further information. Please be aware that curfew exemptions will only​ be issued in extreme circumstances, such as disaster assistance.​