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Child Protection Offender Registry

Child Protection (Offender Reporting and Offender Prohibition Order) Act 2004

Need help?
If you need help with filling out this form, please call Child Protection Offender Registry (CPOR) on 1300 552 931.

What happens when I report?
As a Reportable Offender you have to report to police and provide them with certain details for a set period of time. The information that you are mandated to report will be recorded in the National Child Offender System for the duration of your reporting period. Every time that a report is made a receipt will be provided to your reported primary email or postal address. It is important that the receipt is retained as proof that the report was made.

When do I report?
Quarterly Reporting - a reportable offender must report his or her personal details to police quarterly in the months of February, May, August and November for the length of their reporting period.

Change of Personal Details - a reportable offender must report to police any change to his or her personal details within a certain period after the change occurs. Depending on the change, the report needs to be made 24 hours after the change occurs or 7 days after the change occurs.

Refer to your Notice of Reporting Obligations for time frames for which you are required to report

It is an offence not to comply with your reporting obligation or to provide false and misleading information

Failure to comply with the above reporting obligations or knowingly providing false or misleading information to police is a crime. Both offences are punishable by a fine of up to 300 penalty units or 5 years imprisonment.

Note: As at 21 August 2012, one (1) penalty unit is equivalent to $110.

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