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Applications for the Early Release of a Vehicle from Impoundment or Immobilisation

Under the Police Powers and Responsibilites Act 2000 you may apply to the Commissioner for a motor vehicle to be released from Impoundment or Immobilistaion.

The application must:

  • Be made on this approved form and;
  • Contain sufficient information to enable the Commissioner to make a decision.

An application may be made on the basis of a number of different grounds. Namely:

  • That you or your family would suffer severe Financial Hardship;
  • That you or a member of your family would suffer severe Physical Hardship;
  • That the owner of the vehicle did not give Consent to the offence been committed;
  • That the grounds for the impoundment based on a Type 2 vehicle related offence have been Rectified (unlicenced or unregistered/uninsured only);
  • That there were No Reasonable Grounds to impound/immobilise the vehicle.

Who can apply

  • An owner of the vehicle in question; or
  • A usual driver of the vehicle (It is not enough to drive the vehicle only occasionally, you must be a person who usually drives it).

Do not use this form when

  • The driver has been found not guilty of an offence for which the vehicle was impounded. Instead contact the police to discuss the release of your vehicle under section 111 Police Powers and Responsibilites Act 2000.
  • The infringement notice has been withdrawn or court proceedings discontinued. Instead contact the police to discuss the release of your vehicle under section 111 Police Powers and Responsibilites Act 2000.
  • The vehicle in question was a rental vehicle. Instead contact the police to discuss the release of your vehicle under section 76 Police Powers and Responsibilites Act 2000.
  • If the vehicle had been reported stolen. Instead contact the police to discuss the release of your vehicle under section 76 Police Powers and Responsibilites Act 2000.

What will happen with my application?

The Commissioner has delegated the function of deciding applications for the early release of a vehicle to an officer of the rank of Inspector. After submitting your application it will be examined by an officer who will, when practicable, make a decision within 5 business days.

The decision may be either to:

  • Grant the application and release the vehicle to you if satisfied you have satisfied the grounds;
  • Release the vehicle to you with conditions attached;
  • Refuse the release of the vehicle.

After a decision has been made you will receive advice of this decision in the mail at your nominated postal address.

If you are dissatisfied or 'aggrieved' with the decision you may lodge an appeal with your local Magistrate's Court. Such an appeal must be made within 28 days of the decision being made. You should contact your local Magistrate's Court for information on how to lodge such an appeal.

Contact details of Magistrate's Courts can be found at:

How to apply

Step 1 - Complete the following application form ensuring all questions are fully answered.

Step 2 - Click the Declaration box at the end of the form declaring that all the information supplied is true and accurate.

NOTE: Your application will not be processed if it does not contain sufficient information.

Step 3 - ClicK 'Submit' after completing all relevant fields, ticking the declaration box, and attaching all supporting information.

Alternatively you may print and e-mail the form and attachments to

Or you may post the printed form with any accompanying documentation to:

GPO Box 1440

NOTE: All accompanying documents must be scanned and sent with the application if it is to be emailed. Otherwise the form and all documents must be posted.

To assist im making this application all attached documents or images need to be either in a pdf, .doc, jpg, jpeg or png format. There is a limit of 5 documents with the size of each file limited to 1MB. If you upload a document greater than 1 MB it is possible your application will not be received.

If you have any trouble uploading all required documentation to one e-mail, please send a further e-mail with remainder of your documentation to, remembering the file size restrictions as stated. Remember to include your Full name, DOB, address and vehicle registration.

 A hard copy PDF application form is also available for use by applicants for the early release of an impounded or immobilised vehicle. The hard copy can be located at


The Queensland Police Service collects information to assist in performing its statutory functions and responsibilities. Information provided will be used to process your application, create a Police Report, and/or resolve your complaint, compliment or query. You may be required to provide a personal identification number such as drivers licence or passport number to assist in verifying your identity. Your personal information will be managed in compliance with the Information Privacy Act 2009.

There is the provision on some Online Forms to opt-out of providing any personal information. In these instances, the QPS will not collect, store, or use any personal information, and the above stipulations do therefore not apply.

View full Privacy Statement.


 I declare that I have read and understood the information above.

Last updated May 2017