Be Prepared - Plan Your Night

It's normal to want to go out and have fun. A good night out could mean getting together with friends to hang out, going to a party at someone's house, going to a pub or club, or to a concert.

The decisions and plans you make at the start of the night will determine how safe and awesome your night will be. Alcohol consumption can place your safety at risk because it:

  • Impairs your decision making,
  • Limits your perceived options in confrontation situations,
  • Heightens your emotionality,
  • Increases your willingness to take risks,
  • Reduces your fear of sanctions and consequences,
  • Impairs your ability to negotiate and talk your way out of trouble.

By making a plan, and sticking to it, before our judgement is impaired by alcohol you can make sure your day or night is a memorable one, and not for the wrong reasons.

Here are some tips for planning your night: Be Prepared - Plan Your Night

  • Plan how to get home safely,
  • Always have a plan B in case plan A falls through,
  • If you plan to drink don’t drive,
  • Plan to have a designated driver before you go out,
  • Eat a good meal before going out to slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream
  • Determine how many drinks you will have and stick to the plan.
  • Choose a safe venue,
  • Stay in well lit, public areas with good security,
  • Go out with a group and stay together,
  • Make sure your phone is charged,
  • Carry numbers for local taxi companies,
  • Plan to get involved in other activities, e.g. dancing or playing pool
  • Know where you are staying that night, and how you will get there,
  • Let people at home know what time to expect you back.

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Last updated April 2014