Fighting is not OK - One Punch Can Kill

Alcohol can impair your decision making processes and lead to confrontations and senseless violence. All too often a split second decision can result in people getting hurt or even killed when they just went out to have a good time.

Violence is not the answer to solving disagreements; and there can be serious long term consequences for both the person throwing the punch and the person who is punched.

Fighting is not OK - One Punch Can Kill Throwing a single punch can

  • Rob you of your future,
  • Have negative impacts on your family,
  • Cost you your employment,
  • Prevent overseas travel, and
  • Result in the life long guilt of having taking another person’s life.

Victims of a single punch:

  • Don’t always walk away with just a bruise,
  • Can have a permanent disability,
  • May need ongoing care by family and friends,
  • May not be able to work again,
  • May never be able to travel due to disability

Remember that it is ok to just walk away.

Here are some tips avoiding violence:

  • Walk away from conflict – you have a choice,
  • Avoid going out with friends who you know get aggressive,
  • Avoid fights - or risk the physical, emotional and legal consequences,
  • Don't use an angry or aggressive tone when speaking with people,
  • Stay in well lit, public places with good security,
  • Move to a different location or venue to get away from aggressive people,
  • Let a bouncer know if someone is being aggressive,
  • Scout the venue and leave if it seems too rowdy or risky,
  • Avoid known trouble spots,
  • Drink responsibly so that you maintain control over yourself,
  • Women support men who don’t fight,
  • Remove mates from potential conflict situations before they develop, or
  • Call it a night and head home.

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Last updated April 2014