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Alcohol consumption is a central feature of Australian culture and identity. Many young people in Queensland drink alcohol on a regular basis. Alcohol is an important part in how people socialise, relax, celebrate and feel accepted or part of their group. However there is an increasing trend for young people to drink with the sole purpose of getting drunk. Binge drinking and drinking to excess can have serious consequences on your personal safety. Each weekend across Queensland the lives of thousands of people are impacted by alcohol related incidents.

Research indicates that alcohol contributes to violence by:

  • Impairing decision making,
  • Limiting drinkers perceived options in confrontation situations,
  • Heightening emotionality,
  • Increasing their willingness to take risks,
  • Reducing their fear of sanctions and consequences,
  • Impairing the ability to negotiate and talk their way out of trouble.

Put simply, the consumption of alcohol will increase the likelihood of being involved in a potentially life changing violent incident.

The personal consequences as an offender include;

  • Criminal charges,
  • Criminal history,
  • Imprisonment and loss of freedom,
  • Impact on family,
  • Loss of friends,

The consequences of being a victim of an alcohol fuelled incident can be even more devastating and include:

  • Death,
  • Serious injury,
  • Permanent disability,
  • Sexual assault,
  • Embarrassment and humiliation,
  • Emotional and psychological injury,

The ‘Be Safe’ awareness campaign aims to promote the need for individuals to take personal responsibility for their decisions when drinking, and how those decisions will impact on their safety and future lives.

Individuals should take time to plan their night out before they commence drinking. By making appropriate plans before their decision making is impaired by alcohol, the risk of becoming a victim or offender in an alcohol related incident will be significantly reduced.

The ‘Be Safe’ campaign is based around six key messages and aims to provide people with practical strategies that will improve their safety and reduce the likelihood of them being involved in an alcohol related incident.

Be Safe Messages

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Please take a few moments to answer the following questions in relation to how alcohol impacts your perceptions of safety. The answers you provide will give us a better understanding of community attitudes to alcohol and safety. There are a couple of further questions on each page of this site.

The answers you choose to provide will give us a better understanding of community attitudes to alcohol and safety. Therefore, we are seeking your honest feedback in relation to your personal experiences with alcohol. You are not required to identify yourself, therefore, your anonymity is assured. Participation is completely voluntary and can be terminated at any time.

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Last updated May 2014