​Overviewing Statement

The Queensland Police Service is committed to being an employer of choice through the selection of people who display the attributes of integrity, fairness, equity, professionalism and accountability.

In selecting people to join the Queensland Police Service, applicants will undergo a rigorous selection process that includes self-disclosure of relevant information. The types of checks to be undertaken are detailed in the following documents.

The QPS will undertake integrity checking of all applicants. The Queensland Police Service requires that persons applying to be appointed as a staff member or police recruit/police officer meet very high standards with regard to their past behaviour and conduct. Police officers are granted powers that exceed those afforded to other citizens, exercise broad discretions, often unsupervised, and are exposed, on occasions, to substantial opportunities to engage in corrupt or improper activities. Staff members may have access to information of a sensitive nature. The Service must have the confidence of the wider community to properly pursue its statutory functions, and systematic integrity screening of police recruit and staff member applicants is an important mechanism for the maintenance and advancement of the organisational integrity of the QPS.

The Police Service Administration Act 1990 provides that "......the Commissioner -

(a) may gather all the relevant information the Commissioner needs about a person engaged or seeking to be engaged by the Service;
(b) may use the information to assess the person's suitability to be, or continue to be, engaged by the Service."

In the interests of natural justice, should information become available through these checks that may preclude an application from progressing further, the person will normally be afforded the opportunity to respond to the information. In certain circumstances this may not occur and these circumstances are detailed in section 5AA.12(2).

The information obtained through the checking process will only be used for assessing the suitability of applicants for employment within the Queensland Police Service in accordance with section 5AA.2 (1) of the Police Service Administration Act 1990.

However, in accordance with section 5AA.2 (2) of the Police Service Administration Act 1990, it is not Parliament's intention to prevent the Commissioner using information obtained under this part that discloses the commission of an offence, or is, or leads to, the discovery of evidence of the commission of an offence, for an investigation into the offence or any proceeding started or facilitated because of the investigation.

If the person is found to be unsuitable to proceed in the selection process, an opportunity for reassessment/review may be available.

These processes are in place to ensure the maintenance of the highest possible levels of integrity within the Queensland Police Service.


Police Service Administration Act 1990

 Police Officer (Recruit)Staff MemberExternal Service ProviderContractor
Duty of Disclosure (1)XXXX
Criminal History (Including Charges)XXXX
Drug IndexXX  
Prosecutions Index (DPP) (2)X   
Traffic History/IncidentsXX(6) X
Other Law Enforcement Jurisdictions (5)XX(3)  
Domestic ViolenceXX X
Restraining OrdersX  X
Cautions/Warnings AdministeredXX X
Previous Employer ChecksX   
Data Bases(4)XX  
Weapon Licence IssuesX   
Person of InterestXX X
Address ChecksX   
Drivers Licence DetailsX   
Police Officer Personal KnowledgeX   
Known Aliases X X
Wanted for Questioning X X
QPS Ethical Standards CommandXX  
Corrective ServicesX   
Australian Defence ForceX   


  1. Refer to section 5AA.8 for details of what is to be included in a disclosure statement.
  2. Refer to section 5AA.10 for details of information to be provided by the Director of Public Prosecutions.
  3. If employee has lived for an extended period outside of Queensland.
  4. Refer to Schedule. May include issues such as offences involving the person, complaints involving the person, drug history, arrest history, any detention in custody, criminal intelligence holdings and prosecutions commenced.
  5. Other law enforcement jurisdictions could include Interpol, Australian and international police jurisdictions and Crime and Misconduct Commission.
  6. Queensland Traffic History only if the person is nominated for a position that involves significant driving duties.
  7. CMC checking is only completed on applicants who have previously been employed in a unit of public administration or local government within the last 10 years.

Relevant Information

Section 5.2 of the Police Service Administration Act deals with the circumstances of appointment to the Queensland Police Service. The identification of "relevant information" as per section 1.4 of the Police Service Administration Act 1990 forms part of the assessment of suitability for appointment of a person as a recruit or staff member and underpins the notion of integrity.

Should the Queensland Police Service have a concern about any of your relevant information, you will be notified and given 28 days to respond in writing, prior to a decision being made.

Decisions relating to your suitability in this instance will be made by the delegated officer, the Manager of the Human Resources Development Branch.  On receipt of the decision by the Manager HRDB you may apply for a reassessment or review within 28 days, providing you have any new facts or additional information which may be relevant to the matter.  Requests of this nature must be forwarded to:

Inspector Phil Barrett
Police Headquarters
200 Roma Street Brisbane QLD 4000
GPO Box 1440 Brisbane Qld 4001.

The Queensland Police Service applies general assessment principles when assessing 'relevant information' as supplied by an applicant who wishes to be, or continue to be, engaged by the service.

Flow charts are provided which illustrate how 'relevant information' is processed in relation to the following applicants: