​​​​​​​​​Report a Crime or Incident

To report non-urgent crimes or incidents refer to the Report a Crime or Incident page for further details.​

Register your Event

To register an event, i.e. organised event, party or motorcycle clubs / group wishing to register their group rides with police refer to Register an Event page for further details.

This form is not to be used for public protests and/or public assemblies.  Public protests and public assemblies must be registered at a

  • police station with more than five days notice; or
  • a Magistrates court, nearest to where the assembly will be held, if less than five days notice.

Station Locator

To locate your nearest Police Station or find a phone number use the Station Locator.

Weapons Applications Online

To apply for a Weapons Licence or Permit to Acquire use Weapons Applications Online.

QPS Crime Map

View the latest Crime Statistics via the dynamic, user controlled QPS Crime Map tool.

Application for Early Release of Impounded or Immobilised Vehicle

To apply for Early Release of Impounded or Immobilised Vehicles Early Release Applications Online.

Application​ to amend or cancel a Police Banning Notice

​To apply to have a Police Banning Notice amended or cancelled​ online.​