​​​​​​​​​​​Report a Crime or Incident

To report non-urgent crimes or incidents refer to the Report a Crime or Incident page for further details.​

Register your Event

To register an event, i.e. organised event, party or motorcycle clubs / group wishing to register their group rides with police refer to Register an Event page for further details.

This form is not to be used for public protests and/or public assemblies.  Public protests and public assemblies must be registered at a

  • police station with more than five days notice; or
  • a Magistrates court, nearest to where the assembly will be held, if less than five days notice.

Station Locator

To locate your nearest Police Station or find a phone number, use the Station Locator.

Weapons Applications Online

To apply for a Weapons Licence or Permit to Acquire, use Weapons Applications.

QPS Crime Map

View the latest Crime Statistics via the dynamic, user controlled QPS Crime Map tool. Enter a location or postcode and search to show crimes in a particular area.

Application for Early Release of Impounded or Immobilised Vehicle

Apply for Early Release of Impounded or Immobilised Vehicles: Early Release Applications 

Application​ to amend or cancel a Police Banning Notice

​Apply to have a Police Banning Notice amended or cancelled​.​